shut out

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shut (one) out

1. To exclude someone from something; to block someone's entrance into some place. The students shut me out of the classroom after I left. I don't think we need to shut him out from the discussion altogether.
2. To isolate someone from oneself or others. Please don't shut me out—I just want to help! The group of friends shut him out because of his political opinions.
3. In sports, to win a game without allowing the opponent to score a single goal or point. I knew we wouldn't win, but I can't believe they shut us out completely!
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shut (something) out

To completely block something out. We bought new curtains that will block out the light from the street. He used a wax sealant on the windows to block water out.
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shut someone or something out

to exclude someone or something; to refuse entrance to someone or something. We tried to get into the stadium, but they shut us out because there was no more room. My parents shut out their children when they made important decisions.
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shut out

1. Exclude, deny entry to, block, as in Anyone convicted of a crime is shut out from the legal profession, or These curtains shut out all the light. [Late 1300s]
2. Prevent an opponent from scoring, as in They were shut out of the last two games, or Reagan shut out Ford in the Texas primary in 1976. Originating in baseball about 1880, this usage was later transferred to other sports and then even broader usage.
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shut out

1. To exclude something or someone: I used earplugs to shut out the noise. The company shut the unions out of the negotiations. Performers must learn to shut out the crowd. Her husband has shut her out ever since the accident.
2. Sports To prevent some opponent from scoring any runs or points: Our strong defense shut out the other team. They shut us out 14-0 in a playoff game.
See also: out, shut
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Newcastle's 1-0 victory over Southampton followed shut outs against NAC Breda and Bolton Wanderers on home turf.
He also spoke highly of Giants goalie Colin Ryder who kept two shut outs in three games.
Woods managed 12 successive shut outs for Rangers between November 1986 and January 1987 and Ladbrokes reckon his long-standing landmark could survive a little longer.
MARTIN KLEMPA between the pipes, four shut outs - two of those this month.
That's three shut outs in a row now - Ian Westwater has been outstanding in goal.
And Lehman is looking to keep the shutters up for another game following back-to-back shut outs as Blaze have won two matches on the road 1-0.