shut (one's) mouth

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shut (one's) mouth

1. To do something in order to keep someone from speaking about something, especially a secret or damaging piece of information. The company tried to bribe me with a cash payout in order to shut my mouth, but there was nothing that would stop me from talking about the illegal things I'd seen while working there. We've got to find a way to shut her mouth; her testimony could bring down our entire organization.
2. To choose not to speak, especially to be tactful, to keep a secret, or to stop irritating someone. I could tell my encouragement wasn't helping, so I just shut my mouth. I'm going to shut my mouth before I say something I'm not supposed to! Tim, if you don't shut your mouth, I'm going to come over there and shut it for you.
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shut somebody’s ˈmouth

stop somebody from saying something, especially from revealing a secret: His employers tried to shut his mouth by offering him money, but he told the story to the newspapers anyway.
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Shut your mouth!

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I couldn't believe what I was hearing, I told him the dog shouldn't be allowed out if it was going to bite people, but the man told me to shut my mouth, and how dare I have a go at him.
I'm sure my management and certain people around me would be happy if I had shut my mouth and puckered up years ago because they'd be making a lot more money if I had," she said.
"I ask a lot of questions and then I shut my mouth and listen," says Mendez.
She huffily replied, "I majored in education, not literacy." Well, shut my mouth!
So my intention is not to shut my mouth and close my eyes until television goes away.
When I mentioned Him to my father, I was told to shut my mouth by him and other atheists.
I spoke with Vitali in Germany and he has been telling me he wants to shut my mouth up.
I shut my mouth. Labour lost the election, and did not come to power until 1997 on Blair's "Education, education, education" slogan.