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have a shufti

To look at something briefly. ("Shufti" originated as a military term.) Primarily heard in UK. Wait, if you're just going to donate these clothes, can I have a shufti first? Some of these dresses are cute!
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have/take a ˈshufti (at somebody/something)

(British English, informal) have a (quick) look (at somebody/something): I don’t mind having a shufti at the bike, but I can’t afford to buy it.This comes from military slang, from an Arabic word meaning try to see.
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From which language does the English slang word shufti, meaning a quick look, derive?
Just then, though, to truly add injury to insult, the moment you stick your head under the bonnet to take a shufti at the Heath Robinson repairs being executed, one of the other gypsies will lean his weary elbow on the bloody thing and down it will crash, catching you a corker on your already sore skull and bouncing your teeth off the radiator cap.
Have a shufti at the interior of the Peking-Paris model - and wonder at the gear stick.
Horace Rumpole said the only honourable way to pass a law exam was by scribbling a few notes on your shirt cuff and taking the odd shufti.
Occasionally he would have a shufti at the newspaper.
You can also hop into Hungary on a separate ticket and have a shufti at Budapest.