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(Ah) shucks!

 and (Ah) shoot!
Rur. Darn! (A mild oath.) Ah, shucks! I forgot to call Grandma. Tom: We can't get chocolate ice cream. The store's all out. Jane: Shucks. Ah, shoot! I missed my favorite TV show.

(Aw) shucks!

Rur. Gosh!; a mild oath. Shucks, ma'am. It wasn't anything at all. Aw shucks, I ain't never been this close to a woman before.

shuck something off

1. to take something off. Tom shucked his jacket off and sat on the arm of the easy chair. He shucked off his jacket.
2. to get rid of someone or something. she shucked all her bad habits off. Tom shucked off one girlfriend after another.
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(Aw) shucks!

exclam. a mild oath. (Colloquial.) Aw shucks, I ain’t never been this close to a woman before.




1. n. an insincere person. The guy’s a shuck. Don’t believe a thing he says!
2. tv. & in. to kid someone; to tease someone. Cool it! I’m just shucking.
3. tv. to swindle someone; to deceive someone. He was going to shuck the mayor, but people were beginning to talk, so he blew town.
4. n. a hoax. How could you fall for that old shuck?
5. and shuck down tv. & in. to undress oneself; to remove one’s clothing. He shucked down and showered and was at work in twenty minutes.

shuck down

See shuck
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13) Rocio Lara Lara, Oyster shucker, Sanchez Magallanes, Tabasco, Mex.
The shuckers include men, women, and children as young as seven, all of whom work on a piece-work basis, but fishermen often open their own oysters.
The shuckers, usually wearing a white cap, white apron, and white boots as mandated by the Federal Government, stand next to the tables in cooperative buildings and shuck the oysters into plastic bowls.
The shuckers wore,gauze face masks, besides white aprons, white caps, and white boots (Fig.
DeGeneres once worked as an oyster shucker, and Connery briefly polished coffins for a living.
Long before her big break on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, Ellen made a living as a stand-up comedian, an oyster shucker and a house painter, among other things.
As a Model 37 user, I've found there are other advantages with a bottom shucker as well.
Each shucker is equipped with a gallon bucket, a thin bladed knife, a hammer, and a breaking block.
The shucker breaks off the edge of the shell at the end opposite the hinge with the hammer on the breaking block and after cutting the muscle from the shell with the knife, he drops the oyster in the gallon bucket which has been filled about a quarter full of tap water before beginning.
The shuckers then can easily insert the blade to sever the muscle.
In some packing houses, tokens were given to shuckers when a predetermined quantity of oysters was shucked.
alone employed 20 vessels and 100 shuckers and sold 150,000 gallons of oyster meats per season (Ingersoll, 1881).
Its fourth story was used to store packing barrels for shipping shelled oysters, the third floor for culling oysters, the second for shucking (50 shuckers could work there), and the first floor for the watchman and his family and Rowe's office.
Individual shuckers often got about half a tea cup/day.
Toward the end of the marketing season in late March, the companies laid off their shuckers and used most of their vessels to transplant thousands of bushels of seed oysters from bed to bed.