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(Ah) shucks!

 and (Ah) shoot!
Rur. Darn! (A mild oath.) Ah, shucks! I forgot to call Grandma. Tom: We can't get chocolate ice cream. The store's all out. Jane: Shucks. Ah, shoot! I missed my favorite TV show.

(Aw) shucks!

Rur. Gosh!; a mild oath. Shucks, ma'am. It wasn't anything at all. Aw shucks, I ain't never been this close to a woman before.

shuck something off

1. to take something off. Tom shucked his jacket off and sat on the arm of the easy chair. He shucked off his jacket.
2. to get rid of someone or something. she shucked all her bad habits off. Tom shucked off one girlfriend after another.
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(Aw) shucks!

exclam. a mild oath. (Colloquial.) Aw shucks, I ain’t never been this close to a woman before.




1. n. an insincere person. The guy’s a shuck. Don’t believe a thing he says!
2. tv. & in. to kid someone; to tease someone. Cool it! I’m just shucking.
3. tv. to swindle someone; to deceive someone. He was going to shuck the mayor, but people were beginning to talk, so he blew town.
4. n. a hoax. How could you fall for that old shuck?
5. and shuck down tv. & in. to undress oneself; to remove one’s clothing. He shucked down and showered and was at work in twenty minutes.

shuck down

See shuck
See also: down, shuck
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On March 22, 2002, 45 oysters were shucked, wet meat weight determined, and the meats divided into two equal samples.
bushels) were constructed from existing sources of recently shucked Gulf and South Carolina oyster shell.
On day 31 (April 22, 2002), tissues remaining in shucked oysters were divided into two equal samples and processed for P.
Data were analyzed by comparing descriptive statistics and plots of relevant parameters over time for shucked and unshucked oysters.
rinsed, stemmed, seeded, and minced 1 tablespoon minced shallot 1/8 teaspoon pepper 2 dozen shucked oysters on the half-shell (see notes)
A promising basketball player, he has shucked all ambition in favor of pretentious adolescent nihilism (``we are all specks of cosmic dust'') and a nowhere job distributing fliers in a cartoon rat costume.
But outside of restaurants, where oysters arrive magically chilled and shucked, this shellfish may seem more intimidating than enticing.
And once the oysters are shucked, eat them within a few hours.
Crushed ice (not cubes) works best for keeping shucked oysters cold and steady.
The grande dame of tryouts was Duke, who tested and shucked more than 300 chefs in her last 30 years.
Besides their sweet, light taste, scallops also are virtually always sold shucked, ensuring that they're a cinch to prepare.
Photo: (Color) Sweet and convenient, scallops are sold shucked, which speeds preparation.