shuck off

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shuck something off

1. to take something off. Tom shucked his jacket off and sat on the arm of the easy chair. He shucked off his jacket.
2. to get rid of someone or something. she shucked all her bad habits off. Tom shucked off one girlfriend after another.
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The first episode finds the schoolboy Mountstuart in the throes of attempting to shuck off his virginity - with far-reaching consequences.
Love is something that seems to shuck off any call to logic.
Moreover, Hosle never mentions that the problem of the foundations of ethics was fully discussed by philosophers like Kant, who said (for example) that theism was a false and deceptive 'basis' for ethics if used to shuck off responsibility.
Hnida's cinematic role model from that film could have been "Dizzy" Flores, a girl who, as starting quarterback, could shuck off a blitzing linebacker--and then radiate feminine glamour in a formal dress at the after-game dance.
Reversing, the Seventh Circuit found that the insurer "tried to shuck off its responsibility to pay for its insured's defense.
Residents of major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou do now appear ready to shuck off the old caution.
I used to think that I could shuck off the bureaucracy,'' said Head, a 12-year employee who's ready to leave the city.