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(Ah) shucks!

 and (Ah) shoot!
Rur. Darn! (A mild oath.) Ah, shucks! I forgot to call Grandma. Tom: We can't get chocolate ice cream. The store's all out. Jane: Shucks. Ah, shoot! I missed my favorite TV show.

(Aw) shucks!

Rur. Gosh!; a mild oath. Shucks, ma'am. It wasn't anything at all. Aw shucks, I ain't never been this close to a woman before.

shuck something off

1. to take something off. Tom shucked his jacket off and sat on the arm of the easy chair. He shucked off his jacket.
2. to get rid of someone or something. she shucked all her bad habits off. Tom shucked off one girlfriend after another.
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(Aw) shucks!

exclam. a mild oath. (Colloquial.) Aw shucks, I ain’t never been this close to a woman before.




1. n. an insincere person. The guy’s a shuck. Don’t believe a thing he says!
2. tv. & in. to kid someone; to tease someone. Cool it! I’m just shucking.
3. tv. to swindle someone; to deceive someone. He was going to shuck the mayor, but people were beginning to talk, so he blew town.
4. n. a hoax. How could you fall for that old shuck?
5. and shuck down tv. & in. to undress oneself; to remove one’s clothing. He shucked down and showered and was at work in twenty minutes.

shuck down

See shuck
See also: down, shuck
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Diane Shuck provided a good counterpoint to the salary issue from a Successories Card: "A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove .
Mrs Shuck had been set to inherit pounds 10,000 from the original 1996 will signed by the pensioner who suffered mental health problems in the years before his death.
BLACK Shuck is a ghostly dog that is said to have stalked the fens of East Anglia since Viking times.
Chef Frye has served as the executive chef at the Shuck N Jive since July of this year.
Robin Ganzert," part of the Pet Life Radio Network, the number one pet radio network on the planet, features in-depth, engaging interviews with two members of the United States Army, Sergeant First Class Charles Shuck and Sergeant Jason Bos, who each have a unique story to tell about the dogs they served with on previous tours of duty in Iraq.
Jobless Mrs Loveridge, 38, said: 'Because our last name is Loveridge and we're part of a big family of travellers, Mrs Shuck thinks we're the lowest of the low.
He must again take an angle outside the 5 technique and dip under or shuck through the guard, always keeping his shoulders square to the LOS.
Abrahams focuses attention on an end-of-harvest celebration at which slaves were called upon to shuck enormous amounts of corn:
With the recent rise in oil prices, using biodiesel makes economic as well as environmental sense," said Curtis Shuck, the port's Director of Facilities.
First Class Chuck Shuck surrounded by his favorite toys, his medals of honor, and his favorite treats in Columbia, South Carolina on Wednesday, February 13, 2013.
Major Simon Shuck, from Handsworth, said troops who had been seen comrades killed or seriously injured could suffer problems such as recurring nightmares, lack of sleep or intrusive thoughts.
July 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Robin and Jeff Reynolds, owners of Shuck Fence, located at 704 Mount Eden Rd, recently added U-Haul truck and trailer rentals to the fence and fence products business.
Birmingham mental health specialist Major Simon Shuck today speaks eloquently about the trauma other soldiers can feel if they've had to help badly-wounded colleagues to cope with the most dramatic change in their circumstances imaginable.
Live clams are shucked in a manner similar to--but not identical to--the way you shuck oysters.