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aw shucks

1. An expression of shyness, happiness, and/or embarrassment. In this usage, "shucks" can be used by itself. A: "You're just too sweet!" B: "Aw shucks, you're gonna make me blush."
2. An expression of disappointment. In this usage, "shucks" can be used by itself. Aw shucks, it looks like we're going to lose the game after all. Shucks, the rain clouds seem to be rolling in now.
3. Indicative of shyness and/or a lack of sophistication. The phrase is typically hyphenated in this usage. Charlie was a nice fellow with a sweet, aw-shucks demeanor.
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1. A mild exclamation of anger, annoyance, regret, or disgust (about something). Typically preceded by the interjections "ah" or "aw." Shucks! I thought that would fix the problem with the computer, but I guess something else must be wrong. Ah, shucks—that was supposed to be a surprise for your birthday!
2. A mild exclamation of humility or embarrassment, especially when receiving praise or flattery. Typically preceded by the interjections "ah" or "aw." A: "I wanted to give you this gift as thanks for everything you did for me and my family." B: "Aw, shucks. I was only doing my duty, ma'am." I've been thinking long and hard about what I would say if I won this award, but now that I'm here, well, shucks—I'm downright speechless!
3. noun Something of very little value. Used especially in the phrases "not worth shucks" and "not amount to shucks." All their promises won't amount to shucks if they aren't willing to back them up with action. I learned long ago that people like him aren't worth shucks.
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To cast off some article of clothing, especially hastily or haphazardly. Primarily heard in US, Canada. The kids ran in and shucked their muddy boots and jackets all around my clean carpet.

shuck down

1. To disrobe hastily or haphazardly. Primarily heard in US, Canada. The kids ran in and shucked down, leaving their muddy boots and jackets all over my clean carpet.
2. To remove someone's clothes, especially in a hasty or haphazard manner. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "shuck" and "down." Primarily heard in US, Canada. The poor child was soaked to the bone from the rain, so I shucked him down and wrapped him up in a dry towel. The mother shucked the child down and put him straight into the bathtub.
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shuck off

1. To cast someone or something off from one's body. A noun or pronoun can be used between "shuck" and "off." The kids ran in and shucked their muddy boots and jackets off, leaving them strewn across my clean floors. I was glad to get inside and shuck off my dirty work clothes. The brute tried to grab me from behind, but I managed to shuck him off.
2. To discard, leave behind, or get rid of someone or something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "shuck" and "off." The country has long been trying to shuck off its reputation as a dangerous, crime-ridden place. I promised myself I would shuck smoking off for good this year. I could sense that someone was following me, so I tried darting down a series of alleys and side streets to shuck them off.
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(Ah) shucks!

 and (Ah) shoot!
Rur. Darn! (A mild oath.) Ah, shucks! I forgot to call Grandma. Tom: We can't get chocolate ice cream. The store's all out. Jane: Shucks. Ah, shoot! I missed my favorite TV show.

(Aw) shucks!

Rur. Gosh!; a mild oath. Shucks, ma'am. It wasn't anything at all. Aw shucks, I ain't never been this close to a woman before.

shuck something off

1. to take something off. Tom shucked his jacket off and sat on the arm of the easy chair. He shucked off his jacket.
2. to get rid of someone or something. she shucked all her bad habits off. Tom shucked off one girlfriend after another.
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(Aw) shucks!

exclam. a mild oath. (Colloquial.) Aw shucks, I ain’t never been this close to a woman before.
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1. n. an insincere person. The guy’s a shuck. Don’t believe a thing he says!
2. tv. & in. to kid someone; to tease someone. Cool it! I’m just shucking.
3. tv. to swindle someone; to deceive someone. He was going to shuck the mayor, but people were beginning to talk, so he blew town.
4. n. a hoax. How could you fall for that old shuck?
5. and shuck down tv. & in. to undress oneself; to remove one’s clothing. He shucked down and showered and was at work in twenty minutes.

shuck down

See shuck
See also: down, shuck
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West Mercia Police Detective Chief Inspector Mel Paley said: "Our thoughts are with the women who have been the victims of sexual assault at the hands of Ashley Shuck.
Keeling conducted the wedding of his former student and the soon-to-be ordained Jehu Lewis Shuck.
Miller conceived in 1899 and that Shuck completed in 1901, while similar in some respects to those earlier works, was different in others.
Diane Shuck provided a good counterpoint to the salary issue from a Successories Card: "A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove .
But dismissing the challenge of Mrs Shuck, of Titton, Stourport, he ruled that the change 'represented his genuine wishes'.
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Cases heard at Coventry Magistrates Court on Tuesday, August 26, included: David Shuck, 32, of Abbey Shuck Road, Whitley, admitted causing a breach of the peace.
POLICEMAN Ted Shuck was all smiles when he was honoured for making the most outstanding contribution to police and community relations.
But his carer, Josephine Shuck, has launched a High Court battle to have the new will overturned because she believes he was not in a fit mental state to change it.
He must again take an angle outside the 5 technique and dip under or shuck through the guard, always keeping his shoulders square to the LOS.
Abrahams focuses attention on an end-of-harvest celebration at which slaves were called upon to shuck enormous amounts of corn: