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shrug (one's) shoulders

To feel or display indifference, indecision, or ab inability to do something. Too many people simply shrug their shoulders when it comes to getting enough exercise. If they encounter something they can't resolve, management just shrugs their shoulders and ignores it.
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shrug (someone or something) off

1. To dismiss, ignore, or minimize the importance of someone or something. I've been warning the boss about the issue for weeks, but he just keeps shrugging me off. You have to learn to shrug off the negative opinions of others if you want to succeed in this industry.
2. To rid or free oneself from someone or something that one finds unpleasant, upsetting, or annoying. My little brother has been pestering me all day, so I finally just shrugged him off and went to the gym. I've had a hard time shrugging off this cold.
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shrug something off (as something)

 and pass something off (as something)
to ignore something unpleasant or offensive as if it meant something else. She shrugged off the criticism as harmless. I passed off the remark as misinformed. Bill scolded me, but I just passed it off.
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shrug off

1. Minimize the importance of, as in That nasty review didn't bother him at all; he just shrugged it off. [Early 1900s]
2. Get rid of, as in She managed to shrug off her drowsiness and keep driving. [Mid-1900s]
3. Wriggle out of a garment, as in He shrugged off his coat. [First half of 1900s]
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shrug one's shoulders

Show indecision or indifference, as in When I asked her if she minded staying home, she just shrugged her shoulders. This redundant idiom- shrug means "to raise and contract the shoulders"-dates from about 1450.
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shrug off

1. To dismiss something with a gesture of doubt, disdain, or indifference: She shrugged off her mother's advice. Rather than respond to their insults, he just shrugged them off and kept walking.
2. To minimize the importance of something: The coach shrugged off the defeat and talked about the team's improvement. The politician shrugged the allegations off, calling them absurd.
3. To get rid of something: I hope that I can shrug off this cold before the game next weekend. I began to feel sleepy, but I shrugged it off and kept driving.
4. To wriggle out of some clothing: He shrugged off his shirt and put it in the laundry basket. She shrugged her coat off and hung it in the closet.
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Fairground and circus fun for all YOUNG and old shrugged off the unseasonal wet weather to enjoy fun and games at the annual Berry Brow Carnival.
As he jogged back down the court after making one of the 3-pointers, he looked at Hall of Famer Magic Johnson, at the time an announcer, and shrugged his shoulders in astonishment.
The formermodel shrugged off the gaffe, tweeting last night : "No embarrassment here.
Bury 0 Coventry 2 COVENTRY shrugged off the departure of manager Mark Robins with a comfortable win at Gigg Lane.
The novel Atlas Shrugged has a resurgence of interest every time government gets more intrusive and people sense they are less free.
One of the most notable contrasts in the characters of Atlas Shrugged is the stark differences in the "Jim Taggarts" (the government sycophants) and the "Francisco D'Anconias" (true free-market-government types in Galt's Gulch, as the Constitution would have it be).
WLADIMIR Klitschko has warned David Haye he will have the last laugh as he shrugged off his opponent's latest "childish" publicity stunts.
IN ATLAS SHRUGGED (1957), AYN RAND PRESENTS her original, brilliant, and controversial philosophy of Objectivism in dramatized form.
Summary: World number two Lee Westwood shrugged off an ankle problem to charge into title contention in the Dunhill Links Championship third round.
I don't believe Daniel Hannan is an Objectivist ("Ayn Shrugged," Dec.
Sales of Rand's classic Atlas Shrugged have soared in 2009, above a level that was already extremely impressive for a 1,000-page, critically unloved, 52-year-old novel.
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt--currently the Earth's reigning couple that anyone of any sexual orientation wants to sleep with--have announced their interest in starring in a movie version of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged.
The London market maintained its new-found confidence today as the FTSE 100 Index shrugged off the impact of a disappointing session in New York.
Valley were missing key men through injuries but they shrugged off the handicap to brush aside the Northern Premier Division One side in the preliminary round of the FA Cup.
Earlier, the lawyers had contacted the Siedler firm, which shrugged off the complaints.