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shroud someone or something in something

to wrap or conceal someone or something in something. They shrouded Mr. Carlson in sailcloth and prepared him for burial at sea. They shrouded the decision in a series of formalities.
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Shrouds have no pockets.

Prov. You cannot take any material goods with you when you die. You should use your money to enjoy yourself while you're alive. Shrouds have no pockets.
See also: have, no, pocket, Shroud
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Early trials emphasized inert (argon) gas shrouding of the pouring stream and mold cavity.
Experiments using mechanical shrouding at Wisconsin's Pelton Casteel and Falk Corp.
With this in mind, Harrison Steel, which used a conventional bottom-pour method, began an experiment to determine the prospects of shrouding.
The system's proprietary nozzle technology provides a supersonic flame shroud to maintain a powerful, high-velocity oxygen jet stream over three times the distance of systems using conventional shrouding.
The system's nozzle technology is patented to provide a unique flame shroud for maintaining a narrow, concentrated and powerful jetstream over a distance of up to three times greater than those of systems using conventional shrouding.
30, 1995--vivid studios, a leading Internet development studio, will join the worldwide art and online community by shrouding the vivid studios website (http://www.