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shroud (something) in (something else)

To conceal or obfuscate something within some state or condition. They have shrouded the contract in so much jargon and obscure language that no one but legal experts will be able to understand it. I don't understand why he is shrouding his plan in so much secrecy.
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shrouds have no pockets

proverb A dead person cannot bring their material wealth or goods with them into the afterlife, so it is futile to hoard them while one is alive. (A shroud is a sheet wrapped around a dead body for burial.) Though he made a great deal of money, he was one of the most miserly, uncharitable people I ever knew. It just seems like such a waste now that he's dead, seeing as a shroud has no pockets. The preacher told us that shrouds have no pockets, so it is more important to seek spiritual wealth.
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shroud someone or something in something

to wrap or conceal someone or something in something. They shrouded Mr. Carlson in sailcloth and prepared him for burial at sea. They shrouded the decision in a series of formalities.
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Shrouds have no pockets.

Prov. You cannot take any material goods with you when you die. You should use your money to enjoy yourself while you're alive. Shrouds have no pockets.
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Shroud, who has over 6 million Twitch followers, began his career as a professional CS:GO player.
In order to characterize the impact of a ported shroud casing treatment on a turbocharger centrifugal compressor, the present work utilizes a steady-flow turbocharger bench to provide detailed acoustic and performance measurements from a new, wide-flow range compressor designed for a twin, parallel turbocharged V6 SI engine.
Perhaps the most interesting part of the gun was the barrel shrouds. In the beginning the shrouds were available in two-, four-, six- and eight-inch lengths.
Professor Fanti said: "Hence, the presence of these biological nanoparticles point to a violent death for the man wrapped in the Turin Shroud."
The shroud is seven-and-a-half yards long and could serve as the late Marcos' blanket and pillowcase.
Exactly 100 years to the day, 19,240 hand-stitched shrouded figures representing every soldier will be laid out in Exeter's Northernhay Gardens.
Exactly 100 years to the day later, at the same time as the whistle was blown to "go over the top", 19,240 hand-stitched shrouded figures representing every soldier will be revealed laid out in Exeter's Northernhay Gardens.
The slogan, "Being a soldier who wears a shroud for the leader with the shroud," is apparently in reference to Erdoy-an, who frequently reminds his audiences during his speeches that he departed for his holy voyage in politics with a shroud -- a clear reference to the idea that he is ready to be a martyr.
There is a female thread on the back that the bolt shroud screws into.
The faithful are invited to a public viewing of a life-size replica of the Shroud of Turin at the St.
Former Niagara Falls City Engineer, and Knight Templers scholar Jeffrey Skurka, will lecture on the Shroud of Turin at Saint Amelia's Roman Catholic Church, 225 St Amelia Drive, in Tonawanda, NY this Sunday, April 19, at 10 a.m., and noon, in the cafeteria.
"The Shroud of Tourin" was created in the autumn of 1966 after Lennon commented that The Beatles were more popular than Jesus.
Each screen has hooks and a thumbscrew and locknut to secure it to the fan shroud. The screens should be used only during scheduled maintenance, though.
One group named itself "White Shroud" purposely to instill fear among the senseless radicals, the group's leader said.