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short shrift

a brief period of consideration of a person's ideas or explanations. They gave the reporter short shrift and got him out of the office. My plan got short shrift from the boarda ten-minute presentation; they then voted it down.
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short shrift, give

Also, get short shrift. Give (or receive) cursory attention or little time. For example, The architect made elaborate plans for the entry but gave short shift to the back of the house . Literally, shrift refers to confession to a priest, who gives absolution and penance, and short shrift to the brief time allowed for this sacrament to a prisoner before execution. Shakespeare so used it in Richard III (3:4), but it came to be used more loosely in succeeding centuries. [Late 1800s]
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get short shrift

COMMON If someone or something gets short shrift, they are treated very rudely or given very little attention. Unfortunately, these proposals are likely to get short shrift from the government. Anyone who complains will get short shrift from me. Note: You can also say that someone gives someone or something short shrift. When I was a waitress I gave short shrift to customers who got on my nerves. Such objections are likely to be given short shrift by the committee. Note: `Shrift' is an old word meaning confession to a priest. In the past, condemned criminals were allowed only a few minutes to make their confession before they were executed.
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The Long Shrift, written by Robert Boswell, focuses on a man who is released from prison after being convicted of rape.
A National Post editorial (March 29, 2006) described the situation of Christians in the Middle East as "dire" and lamented the short shrift this is being given in Western media.
When it comes to the three "Rs" of environment often seems that the first R--reduce--receives short shrift.
Central to those debates were gender questions to which he gives very short shrift.
Is the Holy Spirit getting short shrift compared to the other two persons of the Trinity?
I had thought, and hoped, that we were well past the day when Native Americans were given short shrift.
As for Celie and blues singer Shug, whose affair got short shrift in the 1985 film version, "their relationship is closer to the one you get from the book," Griffin says of the two women.
Despite its omissions and the short shrift afforded some major occurrences and individuals, 1968 is a credible work that offers entertaining insight into what was arguably the most important year of the 20th century.
Tommy Reynolds (D-Charleston) said the Beatitudes should be included because they often get "short shrift.
Given MOMA'S long-standing reputation for giving short shrift to contemporary and emerging artists, it was Storr's departure that prompted the most intense speculation.
Once given short shrift as "women's partners," men are now the focus of a growing number of research efforts and programs pertaining to sexual and reproductive health.
If someone gives you short shrift in a new-fangled way it probably puts you on your mettle because you don't want to eat humble pie or be hoist with your own petard.
IF ATTENDANCE FIGURES mean anything, Good Friday gets short shrift compared to the celebration of Easter in the Anglican Church of Canada.
The bibliography, for example, gives short shrift to the stimulating work on the bubonic plague that has emerged since the early 1970s as part of a new discourse relating medical history to social instituti ons and practices.
Bioterrorism, the third focus of the book, gets short shrift.