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shriek like a banshee

To scream, howl, or screech in a very loud, high-pitched, and unsettling manner. Some animal has been shrieking like a banshee in the alleyway all night long. Kids, stop shrieking like a banshees back there! I need to focus on driving and I can barely hear myself think!
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let out (some sound)

To utter some loud, forceful sound. I let out a shriek when the dog suddenly jumped on me. The lion let out an intimidating roar.
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slang An exclamation point. Typically used within the publishing industry. When you're proofreading a new writer's manuscripts, always try to flag when they're using too many shrieks. It really brings down the quality of the work. My boss's emails are usually quite straightforward and unemotional, so when he starts throwing out shrieks, you know he's either truly excited or truly pissed off!


n. an exclamation point. (see also screamer, shout.) Take off that shriek. You use too many of those things.
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the skies blazed, shepherds shrieked and kings came calling.
But it was not the Dumb Millions that suffered here; it was the Speaking Thousands, and Hundreds, and Units; who shrieked and published, and made the world ring with their wail.
1 : to make a loud high-pitched cry <We shrieked with delight.
He said: "He shrieked at me that he didn't care about lives, told me to call in the Army and 'machine-gun' the prisoners and, still shrieking, again ordered me to take the prison immediately.
SEX goddess Carmen Electra shrieked as she had a mudbath for her latest raunchy photo shoot.
A reliable source reveals that when the instructor asked Renee (left) if she'd give students an example, she shrieked, "Oh, I can't dance like that any more, I'd be embarrassed.
They're going to blame this on the Jews," another friend shrieked.