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shriek like a banshee

To scream, howl, or screech in a very loud, high-pitched, and unsettling manner. Some animal has been shrieking like a banshee in the alleyway all night long. Kids, stop shrieking like a banshees back there! I need to focus on driving and I can barely hear myself think!
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let out (some sound)

To utter some loud, forceful sound. I let out a shriek when the dog suddenly jumped on me. The lion let out an intimidating roar.
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slang An exclamation point. Typically used within the publishing industry. When you're proofreading a new writer's manuscripts, always try to flag when they're using too many shrieks. It really brings down the quality of the work. My boss's emails are usually quite straightforward and unemotional, so when he starts throwing out shrieks, you know he's either truly excited or truly pissed off!


n. an exclamation point. (see also screamer, shout.) Take off that shriek. You use too many of those things.
References in classic literature ?
From room to room he went, until he came to one at which a rude, barred door still stood, and as he put his shoulder against it to push it in, again the shriek of warning rang out almost beside him.
Now Baleka was very clever: she did not shriek, as most girls would have done.
RENOWNED fashion, costume and set designer Paul Shriek has been announced as one of the nominees for Best Costume Design in The Great British Pantomime Awards 2018.
Paul works with long-time collaborator Matt Fox -- their company Fox and Shriek is committed to creating visually stunning, unique and exciting theatrical productions.
The kind of shriek that's usually reserved for when a pedestrian is about to hit the bumper.
That ozone layershattering shriek you may have heard on Wednesday was Heather Mills hearing the news that Paul McCartney had been turned away from an LA party because he wasn't important enough.
The exhibition, entitled Leopard, at The Customs House, Mill Dam, South Shields, reveals the memories and objects that have inspired Newcastle-based designer and costumier Paul Shriek in a career spanning more than 30 years.
People Who Shriek": I am always drawn to/people who shriek.
Sometimes I'd throw in the excited mating shriek of the owl.
A baby macaque lets out a high-pitched shriek that makes onlooking monkeys restless.
Some even take on a Michael Jackson-style whoop or shriek.
gt; shriek means a high-pitched cry that is a sign of strong feeling.
Decibel level of a shriek emitted by tennis prayer Maria Sharapova during a Wimbledon match in July.
While others on their treadmills pop to hip-hop, I've been known to stop and shriek, like some Paula Revere, "The British have taken New Jersey