show (someone or something) around

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show (someone or something) around

1. To introduce and guide someone through some place. This is where you'll be working, but let me show you around the rest of the building. My sister's coming to visit from America so I'm going to show her around.
2. To display something to a variety of different people. He never thought someone would steal his idea when he started showing it around. I'll be showing my paintings around to various art galleries over the weekend.
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show someone around (some place)

to give someone a tour of a place. I'm very glad you've come to work here. Let me show you around so you'll know where things are. Welcome to our town. As soon as you unpack, I'll get someone to show you around.
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show around

To introduce someone to some place by visiting various locations: The real estate agent showed us around the house. The guide showed us around the old part of the city.
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World Flower Show president Kitty Gallagher said: "Irish flower arrangers have travelled in large numbers to flower shows around the world and have built up strong relationships with international colleagues.
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I think it was a great example of the great value that can be had for the whole family at agricultural shows around the region and I can't wait for Emley Show on August 7 and Mirfield Show on August 22.
What is the point in the BBC moving shows around their various bases around the country if they aren't going to use the local talent that is available to them.
is based on a survey of Barnardo's 21 specialist sexual exploitation services in the UK and shows around 80% of local authorities do not have any specialist work for sexually exploited children and young people.
In the North-east, about half of the 85,000 people with type 2 diabetes treat their condition with tablets, but research shows around 28,000 are not taking them.
He added: "This is one of the best talent shows around. America's Got Talent is the number one show in the US and it will be the same over here."
"Blame the Gays" is lesbian singer-songwriter--and former "ex-gay" Christian fundamentalist--Tammy Fowler's biting, catchy, and hilarious country tune that describes hetero child abuse, drug use, and adultery before reaching a chorus of "Blame the gays / Well, it's all our fault anyways / Whatever the problem / The answer remains / Blame the gays." The Tennessee-based Fowler wrote the song for Nashville Pride and performs it in her shows around the city.
Though technological advances have made mass production not only much easier but customized so the phenomena of craft shops and shows around the country might seem like an anachronism but remain very popular.
``They have given us the opportunity to create and work on some of the best entertainment shows around. '' Declan Donnelly, who celebrates his 29th birthday today, added: ``We're really buzzing and looking forward to further runs of our existing shows.
Our public outreach efforts have expanded to include the DAV Day at the Ballpark Program which began in 2001, and the vintage World War II B-25 bomber, Panchito, which boldly communicates the DAV message to millions of fans at air shows around our nation.
"Securing an earlier time schedule will allow us to highlight the event as the first show on the circuit of regional shows around the U.S.," he said in a press release.