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ALBA Enterprises and Athena Controls are showing new junction boxes that ease hot-runner wrong.
(And yet, showing the other side of this corporate-funding equation, it was a while before the company supported the arts in Europe again, perhaps needing time to recover from all the negative press surrounding the event.) Significantly, as an independent curator Szeemann was innovative throughout his life when it came to financing his ventures, always exploring approaches from outside the art world: "The exhibition 'The bachelor machines' is in its financing an alternative undertaking whose model might have been film production," reads the telling first sentence of the catalogue for that 1975 show.
There's nothing better than showing America what our rural youth are doing.
No sooner did he publish analyses showing how to diagnose this tampering than did the incidence of such knavery drop to a mere 5 percent--at least in shows that had advertised the Wisconsin team would be screening winners.
"We're actually not showing increases in Americans at this time.
invites its distributors in for a private showing of the company's new products and services.
Davis-Standard is showing the first North American-built extruder with a gearless permanent-magnet torque motor (from Siemens) on its new EMDD (Electric Motor Direct Drive) extruder.
Also showing the latest in their luxury products were Air China, Emirates, Eos, Etihad, Gulf, Icelandair, Jet Airways of India, Kenya Airways, Qantas (upstairs once again - it will be a level playing field at Earls Court Two), Royal Brunei, SAA and Turkish Airlines.
AC: I think it was around 1986 that he started showing American artists, first in a group show with Robert Gober, Jeff Koons, and Jon Kessler.
"It will provide them with a profile of the entire crowd, and specifically those showing interest in their product or service."
* Dog Showing for Beginners by Lynn Hall, (IDG BooksWorldwide, $19.95)
The natural rubber based compound fared even worse, showing a hardness drop of 45 points over the temperature range.
Our first attempt at a "commercial" was a hit, thanks to the actors--two of our most senior manufacturing managers in a spoof of the Bartles and Jaymes wine cooler commercials, showing a botched up circuit board and asking employees for quality work.
Littleford Day is showing an LR 5500 cooler for the first time with a 90-psi-rated cooling jacket to allow increased water circulation.
Greenough's career has focused on the impressario of modernist photography, and in showing Stieglitz's iconic images alongside lesser-known pictures, this survey promises to be insightful.