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Showing rollers with rubber, urethane, ceramic, and chrome coatings.
Showing new 160-mm Opticell spiderless die for foam sheet with tighter gauge control than annular dies and no weld lines.
Also showing AC vector-drive puller/servo-cutter combination and UC600 winder.
Showing specialty additives for nylons imported from Germany: heat stabilizers, antioxidants, lubricants, nucleators, viscosity builders and depressants, color improvers, fluorescent whiteners, and carbon black masterbatches.
Also showing Vulcan XC605 and XC305 conductive blacks.
Showing Mold-Ease silicone, non-silicone, and lecithin mold releases.
Also showing Boy 55(60 tons) producing an electronic connector in a 4-cavity mold; Boy 90 (10 ton) producing a giveaway PP Frisbee; Procan CT 22 AVV vertical press insert molding Allan keys in two-cavities with an articulating robot; Boy 22 A molding LSR baby-bottle nipples in a six-cavity mold; Model SOD with Dipronic control making a TPE part with a parts-removal and degating robot.
Also showing new servo conversion system to replace existing drive mechanisms on parts-removal robots from other makers.
Also showing gas-injection controllers and nitrogen-generation system.
Showing new Super Wind stacked surface winder for blown-film rolls up to 58 in.
Also showing new Turbo-Cool air-cooling system for extruders, retrofittable on any brand of single-screw New for water-cooled extruders is an improved split flow for more uniform cooling.
Also showing new vacuum calibrator Type V 125 VA and new RD2-10 dual-spider pipe die.
Showing MoldEase mold releases and Armor-Kate mold anti-corrosion agents.
Showing color concentrates, biodegradable-additive masterbatches, and calcium carbonate masterbatches for polyolefins.
Showing pigments, including Colorprill fluorescents, NightGlo phosphorescents, and Dazzle precision-cut glitter.