shower with

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shower (someone or something) with (something)

To present, give, or bestow something liberally or abundantly to someone or something. Friends and family will shower you with gifts when your first child is born, but don't expect much more than a card when your second baby arrives! The state-controlled media always showers the country's leader with praise, no matter what he says or does.
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shower someone or something with something

to cover someone or something with cascades of something. Mary's friends showered her with gifts on her twenty-first birthday. The guests showered the bride and groom with confetti and rice.
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shower with

To give someone an abundance of something: The parents showered the child with gifts.
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By introducing a large spray disc with three times as much surface, a flat silhouette, and a short handle to optimise the water spray quality, Hansgrohe forever reengineered the shower with the ultimate in showering pleasure in mind.
So enjoy a soothing shower with easy access that will work for the lifespan of everyone.
The head shower with its diameter of 160 mm produces a rich and full-bodied Rain spray.
If the drop is less than this it may be possible to raise the cold water tank by placing it on a platform, otherwise you may wish to add a pump to boost the water pressure, or choose a power shower with an inbuilt pump.
"It means you can create a shower with a spa-like atmosphere, one that gives you not just a place to refresh and invigorate yourself at the beginning of the day, but somewhere to relax and pamper yourself at the end of it."
ADDING COLOUR: The award winning Hansa colour shower offers six different colours to shower in; GOING DIGITAL: Quartz Digital shower with height adjustable shower head, right; SHOWER IN STYLE: Freedom Colossus shower with low level tray by Roman, left, and Manhattan quad sphere, above and right
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In no time at all you will have water that is probably too hot to shower with.
* The continuity of floor and wall tiles visually integrates a rimless shower with the rest of the bathroom.