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aluminum shower

1. In aviation, a midair collision between two airplanes, thus resulting in a "shower" of debris from the sky. With so many more planes in the air these days, it's a wonder there aren't more aluminum showers.
2. obsolete An effort to collect household and scrap aluminum so as to aid in wartime production efforts. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. Officials pledged that the town would take part in an aluminum shower to replenish the raw resources that the arms industry so desperately needs.
3. obsolete A party, as for a bride-to-be, in which household items and appliances (i.e., those made of aluminum) are given as gifts. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. I was at a lovely aluminum shower for Jane last weekend. Someone even gave her an entire kitchen set!
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golden shower

An act intended for sexual gratification in which someone is urinated upon by another person.
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April showers bring May flowers

Poor, often rainy weather in April can prove beneficial to blooming plantlife in May. A: "Ugh, will it ever stop raining?" B: "April showers bring may flowers, at least."
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take a cold shower

To dampen or suppress sexual urges or feelings by distracting oneself with some kind of activity. Typically used as an imperative. You're losing your mind over this girl. Go take a cold shower before you do something stupid. That movie was steamy! I think I need to go home and take a cold shower.
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send (one) to the showers

To remove one from a particular situation for poor behavior or performance. Likened to an athlete being removed from a game and sent to the locker room (where one typically showers after the game is over). Coach will send you to the showers if you can't control your temper.
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April showers bring May flowers.

Prov. Although rain in April is annoying, it starts the flowers growing. Child: I hate all this rain. Why does it have to rain? Mother: April showers bring May flowers. Although it was a dreary, rainy day, we felt cheerful, since April showers bring May flowers.
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risk of rain

 and risk of showers; risk of thunder(-storms)
a chance of precipitation. (Used only in weather forecasting. There is no "risk" of hazard or injury involved.) And for tomorrow, there is a slight risk of showers in the morning. There is a 50 percent risk of rain tonight.
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send someone to the showers

 and send someone to the locker room
Fig. to order a player from the playing field, thus ending the player's participation for the day. The coach had sent four players to the showers before the end of the game. He was angry enough to send them all to the locker room.
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shower someone or something with something

to cover someone or something with cascades of something. Mary's friends showered her with gifts on her twenty-first birthday. The guests showered the bride and groom with confetti and rice.
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take a shower

 and take a bath
to bathe. I take a shower every morning. John takes a hot bath to relax.
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cold shower

A surprisingly chilly reception, reaction, or response, as in The small voter turnout was a cold shower to the League of Women Voters. The allusion in this term is to the unexpected and not always pleasant effect of an ice-cold shower. [Second half of 1900s]
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send someone to the showers

If you send someone to the showers, you stop them playing a game or taking part in an activity because of their bad behaviour or poor performance. Viewers will vote online about what should happen in events they're watching, such as whether certain pitchers should be sent to the showers. Investors should consider various factors before sending a manager to the showers. Note: You can also talk about a trip to the showers with the same meaning. So what did Clemens say to earn his early trip to the showers? Compare with an early bath. Note: In baseball and other sports, players who are sent off cannot return to the field and so can take a shower before the game is finished.
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send someone to the showers

fail early on in a race or contest. North American informal
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shower on

or shower upon
To bestow an abundance of something on someone: The director showered praise on the actor. The happy parents showered love upon their child.
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shower with

To give someone an abundance of something: The parents showered the child with gifts.
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(ˈʃo wɚ)
a large flaccid penis that doesn’t get much bigger. (Compare to grower.) It’s a shower, not a grower.

shower scum

n. a despised person; despised people. (see also bathtub scum, pond scum.) Who is the shower scum who put a cigarette butt in my houseplant?
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