show your face

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show (one's) face

To go somewhere despite feeling embarrassed or being scorned. With the way my kids behaved there last time, I can never show my face in that restaurant again. How can you show your face around here, after what you did?
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show your face

1. If you show your face, you go somewhere where people can see you. Louis stayed in his Harlem apartment for three days after his defeat, too ashamed to show his face. If she shows her face again back in Massachusetts she'll find a warrant for her arrest waiting. Note: This expression is often used to talk about people who have done something bad or something that makes them ashamed.
2. If you show your face somewhere, you go there for a short period of time, often because you feel you should. I'll go for half an hour just to show my face, and then come home and go to bed, because I'm exhausted. I felt I ought to show my face at her father's funeral.
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show your face

appear or be seen in a particular place.
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show your ˈface

be in or go to a place, especially when you are not welcome: After what happened yesterday, I don’t know how you dare show your face here.If he ever shows his face in here again, there’ll be trouble.
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Be off, and God speed you, and bad luck to you, and don't show your face in all this island, or within six leagues of it on any side, under pain of two hundred lashes; be off at once, I say, you shameless, cheating shrew."
In an e-mail statement, Mayor Sara Duterte said she understood the sentiments of 'our Muslim sisters' on the removal of burqas and suggested that 'you wear the hijab, which shows your face, or cooperate with security personnel and show your face if you are wearing the burqa.'
MBC has ordered a 10-episode first season of the Endemol celebrity talent TV show Your Face Sounds familiar.
AN ba looD tu pu Ca Sin fo Fac an baI th rin Denise Lewis turned her hand to pulling off Mrs Carter's iconic Single Ladies look for TV show Your Face Sounds Familiar, and didn't do too badly, tbh.
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The new survey suggests with all other things equal, whether or not you show your face has no impact on the number of messages you receive.
It seems like science fiction or something from Mission: Impossible: put your finger in a device for a scan, show your face to a camera, peer into a box that reads your retina, or recite your name to a listening device, and doors--both physical and virtual--open to you.
After her death, said a Royal household source, the Queen was advised by senior aides to "get out there and show your face".
I see she's been around, show your face. You're human.