show (one) who's boss

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show (one) who's boss

To demonstrate authority or dominance over one so that it is clearly recognized, especially by means of defeat or some form of subjugation. You can't keep letting your employees walk all over you like that. You need to show them who's boss. You saw what their players said about us on Twitter. Let's go out there and show them who's boss in this conference.
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show someone who's boss

make it clear that it is yourself who is in charge.
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show somebody who’s ˈboss

make it clear to somebody that you have more power and authority than they have: I think it’s time we showed these people who’s boss, don’t you?
See also: boss, show, somebody
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At any rate, you may initially benefit from a split, if only to show who's boss.
1, who through her strength and her very presence could show who's boss on the court, even on an off day.
Brown admitted Celtic had a point to prove against the Dons as they were determined to show who's boss at Pittodrie.
With quiet rumblings of late from the likes of Rio Ferdinand, the Scotsman now has to show who's boss.
And then there's the notion that the call for a pitch is merely a display of 'power', a conspicuous act just to show who's boss.
I tried giving her a sharp tug on the lead to show who's boss, but she soon dived into a grassy verge, leaving me no choice but to follow suit.
Ten minutes later, Captain Marvel nearly took my leg off - just to show who's boss - and we were thumped 5-2.
BAYERN MUNICH maybe about to show who's boss of the Bundesliga by pinching Dutch midfielder RAFAEL VAN DER VAART from Hemburg for a 'steal' -Aa around $10million.
In an effort to show who's boss, Gregory illicitly slips a news clipping about the arrest of Mandela's wife, Winnie (Faith Ndukwana), after a prison visit.
All that government does flows from the people, and today is the day the people exercise their sovereignty - or, to put it another way, today the people show who's boss.
NEW manager must show who's boss from day one and implement a strict code of conduct.
I don't know whether the players think they are better than they are or it they're suffering from a collective mental block, but they need to show who's boss at home - yet they proved they can do it with wins over Norwich and Sunderland.
The first night the mother-in-law prepares an elaborate Chinese dinner, just to show who's boss of the kitchen.
Cunning collies show who's boss at the sheepdog trials in Meeker, Colorado