show to good advantage

show (someone or something) to good advantage

To exhibit, display, or suit someone or something in a positive, beneficial, or advantageous way. You look beautiful. That color really shows you to good advantage. This job will really show all your training to good advantage—you'll need every single thing you learned when you're out here in the field!
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show something to good advantage

to display the best features of something; to display something so that its best features are apparent. Put the vase in the center of the table and show it to good advantage. Having and using a large vocabulary shows your intelligence to good advantage.
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His deep knowledge of the southern Irish landscape and his long professional experience as an archeologist of this specific region both show to good advantage here.
But that effort showed he can be competitive off his current rating and I'll be surprised if he can't show to good advantage before long.
Your plan will show to good advantage by comparison, says Frederick D.