show (one) who's boss

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show (one) who's boss

To demonstrate authority or dominance over one so that it is clearly recognized, especially by means of defeat or some form of subjugation. You can't keep letting your employees walk all over you like that. You need to show them who's boss. You saw what their players said about us on Twitter. Let's go out there and show them who's boss in this conference.
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show someone who's boss

make it clear that it is yourself who is in charge.
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show somebody who’s ˈboss

make it clear to somebody that you have more power and authority than they have: I think it’s time we showed these people who’s boss, don’t you?
See also: boss, show, somebody
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Show them who's boss by staying indoors until it's winter.
I can't shed a tear for Hefner but I can for those often vulnernable individuals - male and female - who find themselves in the grip of someone who wants to show them who's boss.
"I told them don't run sideways, don't be afraid and show them who's boss," said Alex.
He'd gone ballistic at them, and was delighted to see me, so I could help "show them who's boss!"
In his effort to show them who's boss, he adopts a gratingly arrogant manner of speech which could, you suspect, be channelled into formidable debating skills.
Every good parent knows the solution: put your foot down, show them who's boss and send them to bed.
He will show them who's boss; he'll prove to the world and its wife that their decisions are little more than hot air.
He said: "It's obviously our home turf and we (bowlers) want to show them who's boss in that sense," declared a leaner Siddle, who has turned vegetarian to help lose weight to accommodate a slightly modified bowling action.
The Villa boss plans to implement some early ground rules to instil discipline into the dressing room and show them who's boss.
If you have got climbers around them, show them who's boss. Clematis, honeysuckle and sweet peas, in particular, will head off in all directions unless you rein them in.
Makes you want to grab those fingers, pull them out, twist them and show them who's boss, eh?
So I say again roll on the revolution or next local election and we can show them who's boss and who pays the piper.
Stuart Glasgow Watch Westphalia Wait for Westphalia - Johnny will show them who's boss when it matters Ian Stein, Edinburgh Did Fallon tune in?
"But we need to beat them, to maybe take them down a level and show them who's boss."