show stuff

show (someone) (one's) stuff

To demonstrate or display one's ability (to do something) in front of or for the benefit of someone. I've been training really hard all year, so I can't wait to go to tryouts and show the coaches my stuff. We're very excited to see what you have in store for us, Jen. Whenever you're ready, go ahead and show us your stuff!
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show someone one's stuff

Fig. to show someone how well one can do something. We'll audition Kate now. Okay, Kate, show us your stuff.
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"We are working on some really groundbreaking entertainment -- pure theme show stuff, which is how I would categorise it -- with the world's leading entertainment show developers and creatives," said French.
"He's flying back to the UK but has got interviews on TV to do in London before coming back here and then he's got the after show stuff to do," said Cheryl.
"Yes, that's very nice honey." When I showed her the photos of the awesome Triple K rig in Conner's article ("Cool Carry Options," Jan/Feb 2013) and the beautiful custom rigs in Dave Anderson's article she said: "Wow, those are really nice, do they ever show stuff like that for women, like purses and such!" I just stared at her, dumb with shock, wondering where my real wife was.
We've got more Rogue Traders coming up, a series called Keeping Britain Safe, Saints & Scroungers will be coming out again soon, we're in the middle of You've Been Scammed, and more One Show stuff as well, so it's really busy at the moment, which is fantastic.
PTA days, I was mad for all this show stuff. You feel alive doing shows.
I mean, I can, like, show stuff like the Aston and my Sunseeker to, like, people I wanna really impress?
So you can show stuff on screen and also have a little window of your own talking head in the corner of the screen.
"We'll also have have the staple breakfast show stuff like mummy makeovers, but nothing of the extreme variety as I wouldn't want anyone going under the knife at that time in the morning!"
"You can't show stuff [flat-panel televisions] on the walls; people need furniture to hide wires and store other components.
It was classic After the Lord Mayor's Show stuff before the break.
It really is one of the most remarkable cultural phenomena I've ever witnessed--all these young artists actually thought, "Well, we'll just hang out our shingle and show stuff we like, and maybe sell a few things and keep the space open." There was really no overhead and no machinery of a gallery.
I spent what seemed like a year or so looking for radio show stuff on my phone while the twins had their breakfast in front of me - until one day they suddenly weren't around.
"I was talking to Jason Cook and Chris Ramsey about it -- and my wife had been saying for ages that the chat show stuff was the best stuff I was doing -- so we did it as a trial at a comedy festival in Sheffield about a year and a half ago.
Merseyside Maritime Museum - tomorrow, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, FREE Stuff Writer Mick Cooper's show STUFF comes to the Blundell Street venue as part of a small tour.