show signs of

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show signs of (something)

To exhibit characteristics or traits indicative or suggestive of something. The economy has shown signs of decline in the last couple of months. The patient is showing all the usual signs of infection, except that there is no fever whatsoever.
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show signs of something

to show hints or indications of something. I let the horse run at full speed until it began to show signs of tiring. Sally is showing signs of going to sleep.
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show signs of

Exhibit indications or hints of, as in She definitely shows signs of accepting the appointment, or Terry's health shows no signs of improvement. [Late 1400s]
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Cattle with chronic liver fluke infection typically show signs of chronic weightloss and diarrhoea.
But the group said despite the rebound, the market continued to show signs of a slowdown, with the less volatile three-month growth rate dropping to 0.
HOUSE price growth remained sluggish during September as the market continued to show signs of slowing.
Looking at the national picture, overall price growth remained subdued during September as the market continued to show signs of slowing down, according to the Nationwide Building Society.
Replace ropes with wire strands that show signs of pitting.
WESTLAKE VILLAGE - Sales of the muscular sport utility vehicle show signs of weakness in a J.
N Have the steering alignment corrected if front tyres show signs of excessive or uneven wear.
Also, a report from the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine finds kids odds of becoming obese double when they show signs of depression.
Reefs where fishing has been banned or restricted show signs of recovery.
Unemployment still remains high and corporate profits have yet to show signs of recovery.
In a monthly economic report last week, the government said the Japanese economy is beginning to show signs of bottoming out on progress in adjustment of industrial inventories and improved overseas economic conditions.
Homer's anxiety reaches epic proportions when young Bart (the voice of Nancy Cartwright) begins to show signs of effeminacy.
Often dogs show signs of lead intoxication before children, and the signs in humans are more subtle than in dogs," said Dr.
The London-based group said the outlook remained positive, while the commercial property sector continued to show signs of improvement.