show hand

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show (one's) hand

To make one's plans, intentions, ideas, or resources known to others, especially those that were previously hidden or kept secret. (Also expressed as "show (one's) cards"; both phrases refer to displaying one's cards ("hand") during a card game.) In business negotiations, it's important that you don't show your hand right away, or you might risk losing out on the best deal possible. Pressure from the government is forcing the notoriously secretive CEO to show his hand regarding his company's tax profile and offshore accounts.
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show one's hand

Fig. to reveal one's intentions to someone. (From card games.) I don't know whether Jim is intending to marry Jane or not. He's not one to show his hand. If you want to get a raise, don't show the boss your hand too soon.
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show (one's) hand

1. Games To display one's cards with faces up.
2. To state one's intentions or reveal one's resources, especially when previously hidden.
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Having become a law unto themselves, they have placed themselves above all rules and institutions and have started administering instant justice, including "death sentences" on a jiffy by asking people to show hands in "people's court.
Var of Handcuffed police show hands and says "I didn's even a tiny piece of ill-gooten gains"
The makeover show hands over PS5,000 to men who are tasked with giving their female partners a top-to-toe transformation and a whole new wardrobe, which leads to some 'interesting' ensembles.
MUPPET J Despite the wave, he wouldn't Kermit to joining his uncle's TV show HANDS UP J This is a sticky-up as baby bear puts out a paw in a plea for some yummy honey.
Some students chose to show hands performing tricks that are quicker than the eye.
WHEN it comes to oddness bordering on the surreal, this beats any other show hands down.