shove it

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1. informal To place or store (something) somewhere, especially roughly, hurriedly, or haphazardly. You can just shove your bags over there for now. I'll carry them up to your room in a while. Please don't shove the groceries into the cupboards like that. You need to organize them at least a little bit.
2. slang To attempt to pass or circulate (counterfeit currency). He was arrested for shoving counterfeit bills all over town.

shove it

A rude invective expressing disdain, contempt, disgust, or anger to someone. I've taken enough of the boss's crap—tell him he can shove it, because I quit! Shove it, Bill! You don't know what's best for me!
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ˈshove it

(informal, especially American English) used to say rudely that you will not accept or do something: ‘The boss wants that report now.’ ‘Yeah? Tell him he can shove it.’
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