shove (one) around

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shove (one) around

To harass, bully, or threaten one; to give one orders in a domineering or forceful manner. The larger kids in the class tend to shove the smaller ones around. Don't let Tom shove you around like that—stand up for yourself, or report him to HR if you need to.
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shove someone around

1. Lit. to push someone around. The bigger boys shoved him around easily because he is so small, Karen shoved around the little kids until they got mad at her.
2. Fig. to harass someone. Stop shoving me around! Who do you think you are? Do you think you can shove around just anybody?
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shove around

To give someone orders in a forceful or unpleasant way; bully someone: We refuse to allow corporate lawyers to shove us around. The restaurant management shoved around the employees.
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Arca had to wait what seemed like an age as referee Howard Webb tried to control the pushing and shoving around the defensive wall, but he maintained his composure to curl a superb free-kick past the helpless Jones to make the final score 2-0
Everyone is already stressed out and shoving around, and there are still three weeks of it to go.
Is it the pushing and shoving around shopping centres they dislike?
"The players are like brothers but there has been a lot of tension and pushing and shoving around on the field.
Carlys Quest, who is a difficult ride and has needed much pushing and shoving around 10-12 furlongs, was an unlucky second in last year's November Handicap, in which he finished strongly.
I used to wonder why my folks (who were about my age now) would look so blissfully happy as I left the hoose for a night of queuing and shoving around the pig and whistle, Brahms and list and Robinson's.
It was finally over and it had all started with a silly argument that developed into a bit of shoving around the kitchen.
In Manchester, Nottingham, London and Edinburgh, there was pushing and shoving around the store counters on Friday as a new supply of the seriously effective cream went on sale, although for some reason Birmingham was given the cold-cream shoulder.