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The result was some pushing and shoving but in the end no one got hurt or injured.
The shoving match may not always have gone that way, however.
During the tour Mr Trump signed a controversial arms deal with and shoving Saudi Arabia.
If they are shown to have been part of the pushing and shoving, the leader of the gang Tim Smith - along with any other Tory worker involved - must be sacked.
A CARE home worker was filmed twice shoving a man of 87 and calling the residents "f***ing vegetables'.
The fiery Blackpool boss (left) was accused of shoving fourth official Mark Pottage so hard that he banged his head on a wall, before Ince was led away by stewards, screaming foul language.
It is the lowest grade of the offence and covers anything from spitting to shoving.
FIVE days into 2008 and I'm that sick of having diet articles shoved down my throat, I feel like shoving a fridge-full down my neck just to spite them all.
Frieda, 50, is accused of shoving an attendant after he tried to use the toilet when the plane was getting ready to land.