shove it


1. informal To place or store (something) somewhere, especially roughly, hurriedly, or haphazardly. You can just shove your bags over there for now. I'll carry them up to your room in a while. Please don't shove the groceries into the cupboards like that. You need to organize them at least a little bit.
2. slang To attempt to pass or circulate (counterfeit currency). He was arrested for shoving counterfeit bills all over town.

shove it

A rude invective expressing disdain, contempt, disgust, or anger to someone. I've taken enough of the boss's crap—tell him he can shove it, because I quit! Shove it, Bill! You don't know what's best for me!
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ˈshove it

(informal, especially American English) used to say rudely that you will not accept or do something: ‘The boss wants that report now.’ ‘Yeah? Tell him he can shove it.’
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Bertrand added: "It's a shared responsibility, from the manager to the players but when push comes to shove it's the manager who gets the bad end of it."
So the trick is a switch pop shove it and then you catch it and revert it; you turn it back frontside 180.
Before a flight, don't take the card-also called the user data module (UDM) NSN 584 I-01-201-8645--and just shove it into the box.
you just keep talking and grab it with one hand and shove it under a couch.
He said: 'The United fans were trying to hammer me and get on my back and I wanted to shove it down their mouths.
ASHLEY COLE said his victorious charge in front of the Manchester United fans was to "shove it back down their mouths" after they taunted him throughout the FA Cup Final.
Jones, capped nine times for his country, said: "In some ways Sav is like me and I'd have told Toshack to shove it.
Her solution: "When my sister would be chattering, I'd draw a little picture and shove it in someone's face!" So began a passion for the arts that has permeated Wilcox's career.
We may have spent a few hours discussing different types of mines and what dangers signs to look out for and a few more hours learning emergency First Aid, but when push comes to shove it's hard to remember all the details.
"You have no idea what 50,000 copies of something looks like until you try to shove it into a car," says Greer, who by June 2001 was more interested in signing up new advertisers than spending close to a week delivering publications.
And a blast some distance from an asteroid, designed to shove it into a slightly different orbit, might not work either; the asteroid might soak up the energy like a sponge.
THE PARTICULARS VARY IN DISCussions of this sort, but when push comes to shove it's the members of the audience who are invariably blamed for the emptiness of the movies they are watching.
It's commendable that E-Trade has warned customers to exercise caution; but it's also saying that the stock market can't make you rich enough to tell your boss to take this job and shove it. So what's the point?
Why don't you pry your atrophied little brain out of your reeking, cancerous colon and shove it up your weevil-infested, snot-packed nose where it belongs.