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At 4pm Makel was heard shouting at her children with foul language.
Julio Arca made a bursting run down the flank, resulting in a member of the crowd shouting "Wing
This ranged from shouting abuse and threats, swearing, banging on windows, and kicking doors.
He told magistrates: "They were shouting me down and telling me I was guilty of damaging a car - a loud mouthed woman did all the shouting.
LIVERPOOL council leader Joe Anderson said he has no regrets after shouting "scum" at a protester.
If someone shouts at me, I usually walk away from them as quickly as possible until I can't hear them shouting any more.
It doesn't give the right example to the kids if they carry on - Graham Hudson, 47, an offshore worker from Ingleby Barwick Hopefully this season, parents will give more encouragement and be more positiv s e with their comments at matches, rather than shouting abuse, which helps no-one - Martyn Riley, 33, an engineer from Stockton Don't swear, respect the ref, keep off the pitch, support all players whatever their ability.
Summary: An amateur video has surfaced of a man who appears to be Nicolas Cage shouting and swearing outside a nightclub in Bucharest.
He was said to have been shouting and swearing at people.
A PENSIONER has been banned from every football ground in England and Wales for shouting racist abuse at a match.
William Rae, 22, was served with an anti-social behaviour order last year forbidding him or anyone visiting him from shouting or swearing at his council flat in Alva, Clackmannanshire.
I've been telling myself for a while that, like men shouting obscenities from building sites, this doesn't happen anymore, but maybe I'm so far past my prime they can't muster the effort.
Or, more deeply, could we come to understand the Easter event without shouting ourselves hoarse with each one?
She said O'Neill told police that something had been shouted at him from people in the mosque and he was only shouting back at them.
Once, when I was new to a facility, I arrived on the second floor to find a resident named Paula shouting, "Nurse, nurse, nurse