shout about

(someone or something) to shout about

Someone or something that is especially remarkable, noteworthy, or important; someone or something worthy of praise or exultation. The company is promising that their new product will really be something to shout about. The singer is proving that she is truly someone to shout about—someone who will leave an indelible mark in the history of music. A: "Have you eaten in that new sushi restaurant yet?" B: "Yeah, I went there last week. It was OK, but nothing to shout about."
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shout about someone or something

1. to yell about someone or something. Alice is shouting about Tom, the guy who stood her up. What are you shouting about?
2. to show one's pride or enthusiasm about someone or something. (Usually with the object shifted to the front of the sentence.) That's really something to shout about. She's something to shout about.
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Believe you me, if you can't shout out your wares in a market, where can you shout about them?
I love street markets where the sellers shout about the produce they are selling.
So be proud you Coventrians, we're the best, most versatile, Don't doff your caps to your 'nouveaux riches' neighbours, But shout our pride, shout it out, shout loud, We have plenty to shout about, shout it, out loud!
Politicians will shout about anything that they can blame on other parties.
Why doesn't she shout about local government wages which are over pounds 50,000 a year?
So now is the chance for all of you with something to shout about to let us know ...
Send us an email, titled Something to Shout About, with an outline of the story and your contact details to
Alternatively you can write to us at Something to Shout About, C/O the newsdesk, Liverpool ECHO, PO Box 48, Old Hall Street, Liverpool, L69 3EB.
And I wanted everyone to know, I wanted to shout about it.
All you have to do is tell us what makes you wanna SHOUT about where you live in Wales.
Competition with the views of some well-known Welsh people who tell us why they shout about where they live.
And if somehow the captain foresaw a way to get rich, wouldn't he also have enough good sense not to shout about it?
LIVERPOOL actress Claire Sweeney had something to Shout about last night - the official opening of her latest production was a sell-out.