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That said, and with the caveat that I am no lawyer and never want to be one, as long as you don't stick any magazines with higher capacity than 5 into your VR80, putting a non-thumbhole, and non-foldable, stock and a pistol grip on your shotty should be legal.
GU: Two shotty inguinal nodes palpated, vulva erythematous, slightly swollen, and tender to touch.
Marvin James Anthony Walker, known locally as Shotty, walked into Wednesfield police station on Wednesday night after a massive police hunt was launched.
They believe Marvin James Anthony Walker, 21, also known as "Shotty", is in the Wol-verhampton area and is aware that detectives want to talk to him.
He had only shotty inguinal adenopathy that was nontender.
I know perfectly well that a "Shotty Pippin" is: a shot gun, a combination of "shot gun" and "Scotty Pippin" the basketball player. / 0161 247 1751 / Starts Today, runs until Saturday, March 23 / Free Tomorrow Music / Shotty Horroh Imagine if Liam Gallagher had grown up idolising Tupac instead of The Beatles, and Adam Rooney, aka Shotty Horroh, is your wonderful answer.
Shotty (small nodes that feel like buckshot under the skin) cervical lymphadenopathy is present.
Today detectives admitted they had so far drawn a blank in their hunt for 21-year-old Walker, who is better known as Shotty and is a "well-known character" in the Bilston, Wolverhampton and Bushbury areas.
Lypmphatics: No palpable nodes except for two shotty nodes in cervical chain.
He had very soon become a habitual cannabis smoker using 'shotty' bottles to get maximum effect.
Shortlisted: Shotty Horroh; Mali Hayes; IAMDDB; No Hot Ashes.
won't be saying that when I put a shotty (shotgun) in his mouth and blow his head off the little f*** joke."
Clinically he presented with undulating high fevers, tachycardia and was markedly pale, with generalised shotty cervical lymphadenopathy and mild splenomegaly.