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Make a visit to Clarksdale even more memorable with an overnight stay at the Hopson Plantation's Shack Up Inn--a bed and breakfast made up of authentic sharecroppers' shotgun shacks.
They also decorated the interior and exterior of her Everlasting Gospel Mission, a shotgun shack in the bohemian Lower Ninth Ward, her headquarters from the late '50s on.
Elvis was raised in poverty in a shotgun shack, so named because you could shoot right the way through it.
You may yet find yourself in another part of the world, living in a shotgun shack, asking yourself, "What have I done?
But in his recent installation, entitled Spirit House, 1993, Birch set his sights on three African-American traditions of the rural South: the yard show, the shotgun shack, and the bottle tree.
Their world, beyond the razor-wire fences of the school, was no broader than the dusty streets of the wrong side of the tracks, the sloped tin roofs and sagging porches of shotgun shacks and trailers mounted on cinderblocks.
Urban renewal erased all that, with government bulldozers tearing down shotgun shacks and well-kept two-story homes alike.
She perceived that, because of the declining birth rate for the United States as a whole during the 1930s, the ever-prolific women of the South's pine barrens and shotgun shacks were producing a disproportionally large share of America's children.