shot up

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shoot up

1. To grow, rise, or increase very quickly or dramatically. Wow, you kids have really shot up since you were here last summer! Stocks in the company shot up when they announced the impressive sales figures for their latest product. Rental prices have started shooting up in this area over the last couple of years.
2. slang To use recreational drugs intravenously, especially heroin. This is a nasty part of town—you can find someone shooting up around just about every corner.
3. To attack a place and/or the people there with gunfire. The gang of criminals shot up the sheriff's town in retribution for their leader's arrest. A deranged gunman began shooting up a shopping mall earlier today.
4. To shoot someone or something repeatedly. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "shoot" and "up." The suspect was wielding a knife, but police shot him up before he could attack anyone. The kids took their dad's handgun and started shooting up the side of the old barn.
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shot up

1. Shot multiple times. My car was parked outside the bank during the robbery, and it got totally shot up during the gunfight between the criminals and the police. The poor man was so shot up by the time he arrived at the hospital that the doctors had little chance of saving his life.
2. Intoxicated as a result of taking intravenous drugs, especially heroin. I grew up watching so many people around me waste their lives getting shot up that I vowed never to touch any kind of drug as long as I lived. I stumbled into one of the bedrooms during the party where a few people were getting shot up.
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shot up

1. Severely wounded by gunfire; see shoot up, def. 2.
2. Drugged; see shoot up, def. 3.
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1. and shot-away mod. alcohol or drug intoxicated. Well, you see, he’s shot-up and can’t come to the phone.
2. mod. severely injured by gunshots.  Tom got himself shot-up in a hunting accident.
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