shot to pieces

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shoot to pieces

1. To shoot something multiple times and thus break it into pieces or destroy it. A noun or pronoun is used between "shoot" and "to pieces." The gangsters shot the poor man to pieces right on the doorstep of his house. Rebel soldiers shot the government building to pieces during their attack.
2. To find or point out the flaws in some argument, thesis, assertion, etc., through excessive analysis or criticism. A noun or pronoun is used between "shoot" and "full." The scientist spent the whole debate shooting his opponent's conspiracy theory to pieces. I thought my idea was pretty clever, but my PhD supervisor shot if to pieces.
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shot to pieces

1. slang In poor condition. After dropping my phone so many times, the screen is shot to pieces. I'm sorry, what's your name again? My memory is shot to pieces anymore.
2. slang Having failed or gone awry, as of an idea or plan. We really need to regroup now that our proposal is shot to pieces after the meeting with the CEO.
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shot to pieces

If something is shot to pieces, it is completely ruined. When I came here my confidence was shot to pieces. Bob's been gone two days, and the whole schedule's shot to pieces. The economy is shot to pieces and thousands are losing their jobs every day.
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shot to pieces (or to hell)

ruined. informal
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Shot to pieces in the ruins of what was once an historic city.
He has taken a player whose confidence was shot to pieces and transformed him.
So with the game running, you'll come face to face with the two main downsides to Shadow Ops, first is the difficulty, on the first level you'll be shot to pieces by swarming terrorists who are fairly accurate shots, even at a distance.
One moment you could be out with the girls at the cinema, and the next you are out over Germany being shot to pieces."
'Promotion and relegation,' he says, 'are the reasons why 95 per cent of football clubs are shot to pieces.'
Ljungberg's nerves were shot to pieces when a hip injury forced him to the sidelines for the crucial last group game against Argentina.
Any attempt of a Gwyneth Paltrow-style conscious uncoupling has been shot to pieces - as the pair have seemed more intent on taking a lead from the acrimonious split of Katie Price and Peter Andre.
In Gemma's case, the only thing shot to pieces was her dream of holding on to what little celebrity status she possessed prior to entering the house.
At the other end, Chelsea could cause problems with the pace of Daniel Sturridge and the physical presence of Didier Drogba, but the team's confidence appears to be shot to pieces and it is unlikely to be restored at such a daunting venue.
Nor will I ever forget the shouts of "Put that bloody light out!" as me and my disabled father and would watch the fighter bombers, their undercarriages shot to pieces by enemy aircraft returning from a sortie defending Britain.
As for Scott Carson, his confidence is shot to pieces. Rated at pounds 10million?
'Coxie is shot to pieces' said City manager Dave Jones, paying tribute to the experienced defender.
After his fall at Cheltenham in the Bonusprint last season the seven-year-old became a liability as his confidence was shot to pieces. Pipe and Johnson have been making bullish noises.
But he recalled back then his nerves were shot to pieces as he looked down the first fairway and he is expecting much of the same as a professional next month in Detroit.
Not surprisingly, the Dons looked shot to pieces early on and it was men against boys as Ipswich made the running.