shot to hell

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(all) shot to hell

Ruined, worn out, or in very poor condition, especially as a result of misuse or mishandling. After dropping my phone so many times, the screen is all shot to hell. I'm sorry, what's your name again? My memory is shot to hell these days. Our project has been shot to hell now that the budgets have been cut across the company.
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shoot (someone or something) (all) to hell

1. To riddle someone or something with bullets, causing catastrophic damage in the process. The gangsters shot the poor man all to hell. The rebel soldiers shot the post office to hell during their attack.
2. To damage, ruin, or destroy something. You're going to shoot the clutch all to hell with the way you're driving! That power surge shot the circuits to hell in my laptop. A lot of pitchers end up shooting their shoulders to hell due to such large amounts of strain.
3. To completely thwart, spoil, or ruin something. The meddling of those pesky kids has shot my plans to hell! That power surge shot the circuits to hell in my laptop. Our company has been shot to hell by this economic crash.
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shot to hell

Worn out, ruined, as in This carpet is shot to hell, or My privacy's been shot to hell, what with all these reporters. This term alludes to being shot by gunfire. [Slang; late 1800s]
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shot to hell

mod. ruined; decimated. (An elaboration of shot.) This thing is shot to hell. Let’s get a new one.
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Despite his voice being shot to hell, Dylan reeks of authority and might.
However the team's pre-match preparations were shot to hell in the build up, and the strange Boro line-up which eventually took the field did not gel too effectively.
The notion that ethanol is somehow greener that gasoline has been pretty well shot to hell, too.
The back cover pictures Andy Pettitte and Clemens under the title, SHOT TO HELL.
But when spring finally comes and their student opera is produced by the school, the delicate fabric of illusion is shot to hell.