try at

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*try at someone

 and *shot at someone; *crack at someone; *go at someone *stab at someone
an attempt to convince someone of something; an attempt to try to get information out of someone; an attempt to try to train someone to do something. (The expressions with shot and crack are more informal than the main entry phrase. (*Typically: take ~; have ~; give someone ~.) Let me have a crack at him. I can make him talk. Let the new teacher have a try at Billy. She can do marvels with unwilling learners. Give me a crack at him. I know how to make these bums talk.
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*try at something

 and *shot at something; *crack at something; *go at something; *stab at something; *whack at something
to take a turn at trying to do something. (*Typically: take ~; have ~; give someone ~.) All of us wanted to have a try at the prize-winning shot. Let Sally have a shot at it. If you let me have a crack at it, maybe I can be successful.
See also: try
References in classic literature ?
The contending archers took their station in turn, at the bottom of the southern access, the distance between that station and the mark allowing full distance for what was called a shot at rovers.
And now,'' said Locksley, ``I will crave your Grace's permission to plant such a mark as is used in the North Country; and welcome every brave yeoman who shall try a shot at it to win a smile from the bonny lass he loves best.
My grandsire,'' said Hubert, ``drew a good bow at the battle of Hastings, and never shot at such a mark in his life and neither will I.
And when he saw the face he'd shot at shining on the target he practiced on, all lit up with an infernal light, he did jump.
Good jumped at the idea, for he was longing to have a shot at those elephants; and so, to speak the truth, did I, for it went against my conscience to let such a herd as that escape without a pull at them.
2]attempt, try <Take another shot at the puzzle.
However, unless they drop shot at the right time and in the right conditions, the tactic can backfire badly.
As one of the officers approached the man to search him, the man produced a 10 mm semiautomatic handgun and shot at the officers.
Moreover, one multiple hit, and a missed shot at a wounded victim, strongly indicated a specific intent to kill.
You shoot only a single shot at any target, and you vary the distance from shot to shot, just as happens when shooting at animals -- one shot at an unknown distance.
Ages to get: One shot at 15 months and another usually when 4-6 years old.
He shot at the victim officer twice, striking him fatally once in the front of the head, before diving to the floor on one side of the bed in the room.