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no shortage of

A plentiful amount of people or things; more than is required. We've had no shortage of issues with the new operating system that we're still trying to figure out. There's no shortage of people looking to buy these tickets, so if you want them, you'd better say so!
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no shortage of something lots of something

; plenty of something. Oh, don't worry about that. I have no shortage of money! We've no shortage of fried chicken, so help yourself.
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They said that for the last many years the residents of Sarpara Stop, Sabzal Road were facing an artificial water shortage, adding that every year before the advent of summer unannounced load shedding wreaked havoc on them.
However, providers in our states have voiced concerns over the uncertainty of when these products will become available and when a long-term solution to this shortage will be implemented.
Skills shortages are also fuelling significant salary increases in specific areas.
was our new asset," he said, explaining that some respondents commented on the value of ASP pharmacists and programs to help with drug shortage issues.
In this study, a piperacillin-tazobactam shortage was associated with a 111% increase in meropenem prescriptions despite active antimicrobial stewardship, but was not associated with changes in mortality, length of therapy, or meropenem costs.
The mobile application is "specifically designed to speed public access to valuable information about drug shortages," namely, current and resolved drug shortages and discontinuations of drug shortages, according to the FDA statement.
Neither is there any shortage of pick-up trucks nor pick-up lines,
Employers in Japan report the greatest talent shortages globally (81 percent).
A number of Indian companies had been experiencing a significant shortage of skilled and competent personnel which has increased in recent years.
WHEREAS, The nursing faculty shortage in Tennessee has resulted in reduced program capabilities across the State to accept prospective nursing students continuing to increase the shortage of nurses in Tennessee, therefore be it
Other plans include clarifying manufacturers' roles and responsibilities by encouraging them to engage in certain practices that will reduce the likelihood of a shortage and updating the FDA's internal procedures for responding to early notifications of potential shortages.
Shortages of rifampin also have been reported, and, in the past 2 months, a national shortage of isoniazid has developed (1).
In addition to reauthorizing and creating user fees, perhaps the most important provisions in this legislation to members of the American Society of Hematology (ASH) were those intended to mitigate the country's increasing drug shortage problem.
Rawalpindi -- with the advent of summer residents of Railways colony has protested demonstration against acute shortage of water and suspension of water supply Pipeline.
At a November 29, 2011 hearing, two legislative committees heard that nurses are in short supply in Nebraska, and that the shortage is expected to grow in severity in the next decade, just as the aging population requires more medical care.