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He, like those kids, is a spiteful, selfish little sh** who needs to be brought into line with a short, sharp shock.
Despite the downpour which broke our first proper blast of summer and delivered a short, sharp shock with thunder and lightning on Wednesday, it has remained warm and on Saturday temperatures are likely to reach a maximum 21degC.
But a brief cold snap is set to bring a short, sharp shock on Saturday.
And an instant, short, sharp shock against the Assad regime would have been a better option.
WHAT your brother needs is to be caught, preferably by your parents, and given a short, sharp shock.
With only a half-hour set, SOS delivered a short, sharp shock that worked perfectly.
Nuhu Gobir, defending bipolar Holland, who admitted affray and has a record for battery, said: "She has been in custody for three weeks and it has been a short, sharp shock for her.
A short, sharp shock hopefully will give the lad a wake up call.
Novelist AN Wilson has opted for a short, sharp shock that looks at how someone as ordinary and lazy as Hitler not only became the leader of a major nation, but also led it into a catastrophic war.
Perhaps the short, sharp shock treatment would be a consideration.
But it's certainly food for thought for the coalition, which may want to consider giving obese (but law abiding) kids a short, sharp shock to sort out their eating habits.
A Short, Sharp Shock forecasts that aggregate GCC GDP will grow by about 20pc to more than $1trn in that year.
If it is custody, they tend to give them a short, sharp shock in a case like this.
Hopefully, the recession will be a short, sharp shock and in 12 months time we will see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Performed straight-through and lasting for little over an hour, DV8 Physical Theatre's stunning new show can fairly be described as a short, sharp shock.