short, sharp shock

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short sharp shock

A fast, severe punishment. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. He needs a short sharp shock to persuade him to change his ways and give up that life of crime.
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short, sharp shock

1. A sudden and severe measure or punishment utilized to produce a quick and effective result. It is clear now that the policy of punishing young offenders with a short, sharp shock is much less effective than education and emotional training. The financial bailout was meant to be a short, sharp shock to the economy, but the country's sluggish recovery has meant it's been in place for far longer than intended.
2. An experience that is brief but intense. Our latest recipe gives a short, sharp shock of flavor that dissipates into a more mellow, long-lasting taste.
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a short, sharp shock

A short, sharp shock is a punishment that is severe but only lasts for a short time. Many parents believe that a short sharp shock is at times necessary for naughty children.
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short, sharp shock

1 a brief but harsh custodial sentence imposed on offenders in an attempt to discourage them from committing further offences. 2 a severe measure taken in order to effect quick results.
The Home Secretary William Whitelaw advocated the short sharp shock as a form of corrective treatment for young offenders at the 1979 Conservative Party Conference; the deterrent value of such a regime was to be its severity rather than the length of time served.
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He, like those kids, is a spiteful, selfish little sh** who needs to be brought into line with a short, sharp shock.
Despite the downpour which broke our first proper blast of summer and delivered a short, sharp shock with thunder and lightning on Wednesday, it has remained warm and on Saturday temperatures are likely to reach a maximum 21degC.
But a brief cold snap is set to bring a short, sharp shock on Saturday.
And an instant, short, sharp shock against the Assad regime would have been a better option.
WHAT your brother needs is to be caught, preferably by your parents, and given a short, sharp shock.
With only a half-hour set, SOS delivered a short, sharp shock that worked perfectly.
Nuhu Gobir, defending bipolar Holland, who admitted affray and has a record for battery, said: "She has been in custody for three weeks and it has been a short, sharp shock for her.
A short, sharp shock hopefully will give the lad a wake up call.
Novelist AN Wilson has opted for a short, sharp shock that looks at how someone as ordinary and lazy as Hitler not only became the leader of a major nation, but also led it into a catastrophic war.
Perhaps the short, sharp shock treatment would be a consideration.
A Short, Sharp Shock forecasts that aggregate GCC GDP will grow by about 20pc to more than $1trn in that year.
If it is custody, they tend to give them a short, sharp shock in a case like this.
Hopefully, the recession will be a short, sharp shock and in 12 months time we will see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Performed straight-through and lasting for little over an hour, DV8 Physical Theatre's stunning new show can fairly be described as a short, sharp shock.