a shopping list of (something)

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a shopping list of (something)

A list of possible options or things that one wants or needs. Primarily heard in UK. The new political coalition has issued a shopping list of demands for the prime minister ahead of the referendum. The agency has created a shopping list of options for consumers looking to resolve their debt.
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shopping list

1. Lit. a list of things one needs to buy. I made up a shopping list for groceries that we are out of. Don't forget to take the shopping list with you to the store.
2. Fig. a list of things, especially questions or things one wants. I have a shopping list of absolute musts. He showed up for the interview with a shopping list so long that it took two pages.
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a shopping list

Someone's shopping list is a list of their demands or requirements from a particular person or organization. Mr Baker presented a shopping list of additional help the United States required from its allies. The Social Democratic Party has just laid out a shopping list of changes that might make the treaty acceptable. Note: The usual American expression is laundry list.
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He said the government would just provide a shopping list of requirements to investors so they can experience ease of doing business in the Philippines.
8 Plan a weekly menu and make a strict shopping list of ingredients.
This code is linked to his shopping list of items he put together for an afternoon of watching football that coming weekend - finger foods, snacks, dips, some appetizers including chicken wings, hot dogs and hamburgers - everything five hungry men could want while watching the games, as well as some sweets for their children, who will be playing together in another room.
Remember, prayer is not a shopping list of things you want to happen.
And they are insisting their shopping list of demands is guaranteed by a watertight legal agreement - or warn they will withhold planning permission.
After all it is not much more than a shopping list of materials, not particularly well printed, and the graphics are rather difficult to read.
If you're heading to a food show, ask customers to create a shopping list of specialty ingredients they'd be interested in learning about.
A special section lists both the basic kitchen supplies and general shopping list of cooking ingredients.
"It is a shopping list of sorts and the consultation has done its job adequately in providing us with a list of priorities for the people of Whitnash.
Management's current strategy should include a shopping list of the various business programs and incentives available.
Though the catalog reads like a shopping list of many of the century's most dramatic trends - urbanization, consumerism, increasing mobility, loss of regionality, growing alienation from the landscape and so on - technology...was the real force behind our journey toward abstraction....Let me state my case as directly as possible: [I]t is possible to see, in a number of technologies spawned by recent developments in the computer world, an attack on reality as human beings have always known it."