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We refute the rumours - the truth is that we want to renovate [Sovanna Shopping Center].
"One of the biggest reasons for their unsuccessful overseas ventures is that local consumers have moved to mobile commerce much faster than home shopping companies expected," an industry official said.
While other holiday shopping options are less common today than they were two decades ago, many of those retailers can retain their customers by offering online shopping options.
BCSC and LDC have launched a strategic research partnership to explore the health of the UK shopping centre market, level of vacancy rates and the ratio of retail, leisure and independent operators.
Some fashionable shopping markets like Hayatabad shopping malls, Deans Trade Centre, Tipu Sultan Road markets, Peshawar Trade Centre, Shaheen and Meena bazaars, Qissa Khwani and Karkhano Market are stuffed with variety of foreign goods for the forthcoming eid shoppers.
The new warning was developed by the American Society for Testing Methods International (ASTM) Shopping Cart Subcommittee and is part of the newly revised shopping cart standard.
Aigburth's main shopping zone runs along Aigburth Road.
Now the trend of online purchasing on the rise as online shopping is an easy and comfortable way of shopping for a large range of products.
Customers - whilst some customers come from the lower socio-economic groups, using charity shops as 'thrift' shops, a significant proportion also derive from the more affluent households, as charity shops become a normal part of peoples shopping repertoire.
Three new major shopping centers selling branded goods will be built in Macedonia soon.
"You used to come up with your family and do your shopping and have a tea break," said 61 year-old Mary Kelly, from Small Heath.
Leasing teams have a way of picking up bad habits, and mystery shopping is a great way to sneak a peak at the leasing experience to help to train away areas that hurt leasing success.
We just love to find perfection in shopping! This year's retail forecast promises a slew of sophisticated shops and, most certainly a boom in every kind of retail.
I hate people who are finished their Christmas shopping by October 5 (yes, they do exist).
After her university consolidated several Admissions offices into a one-stop admissions shop, the business school dean at one Scannell & Kurz client did some "secret shopping" to check the new system.