shoot (one's) mouth off

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shoot (one's) mouth off

1. To speak without discretion; to speak too loudly or freely, especially about sensitive topics or information. We would have gotten away with our plan if your dumb cousin hadn't started shooting his mouth off all over town. I figured it went without saying that I didn't want to talk about my divorce at Daniel's wedding, but you just had to go and shoot your mouth off like that!
2. To be annoyingly or overbearingly talkative, especially in a bragging or boastful manner. There's some guy at the other end of the bar shooting his mouth off about how far he can throw a football.
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shoot one's mouth off

Inf. to boast or talk too much; to tell secrets. Don't pay any attention to Bob. He's always shooting his mouth off. Oh, Sally! Stop shooting off your mouth! You don't know what you're talking about.
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shoot your mouth off

1. If someone shoots their mouth off, they boast about their skills and qualities. He'd been shooting his mouth off saying he could sing, when of course, he couldn't.
2. If someone shoots their mouth off, they talk publicly about something which is secret. No one with any sense goes shooting their mouth off about their private affairs to the tabloids. A respected lawyer, she ought to know better than to go shooting her mouth off like this in public.
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shoot your mouth off

talk boastfully or indiscreetly. informal
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shoot your ˈmouth off (about something)

1 talk publicly or carelessly about things which should be secret: This is a secret. Please don’t shoot your mouth off to everyone about it.
2 talk loudly and with too much pride about something: Mark is always shooting his mouth off about all the money he earns. OPPOSITE: watch your mouth/tongue
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shoot one’s mouth off

tv. to brag; to tell secrets. So you had to go and shoot off your mouth about the bankruptcy proceedings!
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"Like the town drunk in the spaghetti westerns, shouting outside the saloon, he had been at his own front door and was shouting at the moon shooting his mouth off."
To the bewildered observer, the shoe was now on the other foot, and Locsin, now chief of the Department of Foreign Affairs, was doing the inconceivable: shooting his mouth off on a past DFA contractor supposedly committing data theft and, as a consequence, passport holders needing to present a birth certificate for renewal, then quickly contradicting himself, and at one point claiming a smear campaign in progress against him...
He has no trouble shooting his mouth off when he is in the company of America's European allies while he denounces the news media as "enemies of the people", But put him next to Putin and other dictators, and he turns to jelly.
And Craig Levein was left with a bloody nose after shooting his mouth off.
It seems the chief of the Saudi sports body is fond of shooting his mouth off. For, to imagine that Qatar may be deprived of the glory of hosting the first FIFA World Cup in the Middle East amounts to being delusional.
Trump has managed to get himself to the top of the pile of Rinos by shooting his mouth off, saying unacceptable stuff, and ruffling the feathers of the other bozos.
"This kid Amir Khan keeps shooting his mouth off about Manny Pacquiao," Arum told the UK's Daily Mail.
DAVE ATKINSON SAYS: "Treasury minister David Gauke has been shooting his mouth off, saying it's 'morally wrong' to pay tradespeople in cash.
As he was partying and shooting his mouth off, Sheen said he never anticipated losing his job or becoming a national punch line for out-of-control behaviour.
He admitted offering a man out for a fight, and a Teesside Crown Court judge said "shooting his mouth off" raised the temperature of the incident.
David Gold always conducted himself well, whereas Sullivan was prone to shooting his mouth off!
Live football ESPN, 5pm LIKE a boxer shooting his mouth off before a televised title fight, England Under-21 manager Stuart Pearce has been eager to publicise this afternoon's friendly match against Denmark, writes James Milton.
MAHARASHTRA Pradesh Congress Committee chief Manikrao Thakre -- caught shooting his mouth off on camera about funding for a rally to be addressed by party president Sonia Gandhi -- is under fire.
RUSSELL BRAND: Dear old Russ has been shooting his mouth off again.