sure as shooting

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(as) sure as shooting

With utmost certainty; quite definitely. (That is, as sure as a gun is to fire when its trigger is pressed.) It had to have been Mike who leaked our plans to the press, sure as shooting! Come into a great fortune and, as sure as shooting, the number of those who would be your friend increases tenfold.
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sure as shooting

Most certainly, as in It's going to snow tonight, sure as shooting, or That grizzly is sure as shooting going to make dinner out of us. This idiom has replaced the older sure as a gun, dating from the mid-1600s, a time when guns fired with far less certainty. [Second half of 1800s]
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sure as shooting


sure as shootin'

People say sure as shooting or sure as shootin' to emphasize that they are certain about something. Sure as shooting, someone will tell me what I've chosen is wrong. It's not the best computer, but it's sure as shootin' not the worst.
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I knew the birds were there and that the dogs would do their jobs AaAeAeAu the only variable was our shootin
He criticizes people's personal appearances, and insists that anybody in the industry or on TV isn't a real hunter, and that if a snow goose mastermind like Scott Butz didn't have all that great land leased up "he'd be like us and wouldn't be shootin nothin" or couldn't hack it on public land.
She added she didn't remember talking to her fiancAaAaAeA@e about the shootin An expert, however, claimed (http://boston.
Latasha came up on Roxanne Shante and, sitting across from her daughter, demonstrates that she's retained her skills with a slick battle 16: "Keep hopin/ I don't get open/ I sizzle the stage and leave a mother-fuckin' mic smokin/ Female serial killer from the dark side/ Shootin shit up like Bonnie, fuck Clyde.
Hermiston 65, Marist 36: The Spartans (17-10) were held to 22 percent shootin gfrom the field and scored 12 points in the second half in the loss to the Bulldogs in the fourth-place game.
Amjad Sukari was shot dead and left to bleed to death after the shootin at Beit El, Ramallah, West Bank
I have a massive long list of as well that I want to work with - like DBut A time to The Fall babysit filming She w Co Do Dornan shootin Fifty Sh Aislin looks-w cast and that he stripes o Daniel Day Lewis.
COLM MURPHY will have bigger things on his mind in the countdown to Cheltenham, but it is a fair assumption that he may be satisfied with the initial handicap mark of 116 allocated to his recent Thurles novice chase winner Shootin The Breeze.
Edgwick Road, Foleshill and, right, the gunman on CCTV shortly before the shootin
The huntin, shootin, fishin, brigade are celebrating the imminent departure of Tony Blair.
Buffalo were killed in great numbers: 'We bin shootin that biggest lot.
Finally, it is also true that no verbal feedback was provided to the participants while they were shootin g.
When Cheyenne chief Minimic sent his wife, Shootin Buffalo, a fan and parasol from a Saint Augustine store, she acknowledged receipt with a drawing depicting an Indian woman under a gun and buffalo head, signifying herself, holding the gifts under an eagle's head, her husband's zoomorphic image.
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