shoot your mouth off

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shoot (one's) mouth off

1. To speak without discretion; to speak too loudly or freely, especially about sensitive topics or information. We would have gotten away with our plan if your dumb cousin hadn't started shooting his mouth off all over town. I figured it went without saying that I didn't want to talk about my divorce at Daniel's wedding, but you just had to go and shoot your mouth off like that!
2. To be annoyingly or overbearingly talkative, especially in a bragging or boastful manner. There's some guy at the other end of the bar shooting his mouth off about how far he can throw a football.
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shoot your mouth off

1. If someone shoots their mouth off, they boast about their skills and qualities. He'd been shooting his mouth off saying he could sing, when of course, he couldn't.
2. If someone shoots their mouth off, they talk publicly about something which is secret. No one with any sense goes shooting their mouth off about their private affairs to the tabloids. A respected lawyer, she ought to know better than to go shooting her mouth off like this in public.
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shoot your mouth off

talk boastfully or indiscreetly. informal
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shoot your ˈmouth off (about something)

1 talk publicly or carelessly about things which should be secret: This is a secret. Please don’t shoot your mouth off to everyone about it.
2 talk loudly and with too much pride about something: Mark is always shooting his mouth off about all the money he earns. OPPOSITE: watch your mouth/tongue
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The short film is being produced by Shoot Your Mouth Off, a production company in Hartlepool which specialises in making films with disabled people.
You want to try doing my job before you shoot your mouth off about it.
Shoot Your Mouth Off (SYMO), based in Seaton Carew, works with people of all ages and with various disabilities, including cerebral palsy, Down's Syndrome and multiple sclerosis.
Killer Cure, the latest film by Teesside-based disabled film-makers Shoot Your Mouth Off is hitting the screen at The Studio, Tower Street, Hartlepool, on Sunday at 7.30pm.
The film is the latest offering from Shoot Your Mouth Off, which began life as part of Cleveland Arts' Articulate programme, which runs projects involving, inspired by and relating to disabled people.
"We're pleased to work with Shoot Your Mouth Off, its production crew and cast and hope the film does well when it goes on release."