shoot to hell

shoot (someone or something) (all) to hell

1. To riddle someone or something with bullets, causing catastrophic damage in the process. The gangsters shot the poor man all to hell. The rebel soldiers shot the post office to hell during their attack.
2. To damage, ruin, or destroy something. You're going to shoot the clutch all to hell with the way you're driving! That power surge shot the circuits to hell in my laptop. A lot of pitchers end up shooting their shoulders to hell due to such large amounts of strain.
3. To completely thwart, spoil, or ruin something. The meddling of those pesky kids has shot my plans to hell! That power surge shot the circuits to hell in my laptop. Our company has been shot to hell by this economic crash.
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shoot someone or something (all) to hell

1. Lit. to destroy someone or something with gunfire. (Use discretion with hell.) Fred shot the crook to hell with his machine gun. The farm boys had shot the stop sign all to hell.
2. Fig. to destroy, exhaust, or damage someone or something. The hard work in the morning shot me all to hell for the rest of the day. You shot my ideas to hell.
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