shoot out

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shoot something out

1. to stick, throw, or thrust something outward. The diamond shot bright shafts of light out when the sun fell on it. The little girl shot out her tongue at the teacher.
2. to settle a matter by the use of guns. Bill and the cowboywith whom he had been arguingwent out in the street and shot it out.
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The inflatable shoot outs have already proved to be a huge success among schools and feedback has been extremely positive.
Then they battled through extra time with ten men after Nedum Onuoha's injury, and with Steven Taylor still on the pitch playing with a bad ankle injury, to take the game to a shoot out.
A perfect mix of exploration, shoot outs, puzzles and platforming, with a wonderful new multiplayer mode to boot, it's also hands down the bestlooking game of the year.
Unfortunately it was never introduced but I think it is a great idea and I believe it would help England tackle penalty shoot outs in the future.
Both cup semi-finals were decided by penalty shoot outs after ending 2-2 after extra time.
SKY BLUES fans will be able to get on the pitch this season to test their skills in half-time penalty shoot outs.