shoot hoops

shoot (some) hoops

To play basketball, especially casually or recreationally. I always meet up with a group of friends to shoot hoops every Wednesday evening. Hey, John! Fancy shooting some hoops?
See also: hoop, shoot

shoot ˈhoops

(American English, informal) play basketball: Hey Joe! Do you want to shoot some hoops?
See also: hoop, shoot
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While Pacquiao was consistently absent to train for his boxing bout, shoot his television programmes, or shoot hoops in basketball games, he was denying his constituents representation," argued Sevilla.
Taylor Swift also did more than shoot hoops to show how much she loves NYC.
Summary: A pregnant Duchess of Cambridge tries to shoot hoops on her trip to Glasgow.
Kennedy International Airport's Terminal 5, complete with a branded SportPros court where ticketed customers will have the opportunity to shoot hoops for great prizes including flight giveaways and Nets game tickets.
For decades, the top of that reservoir has been a popular community gathering spot where people come to stargaze, sunbathe, shoot hoops and otherwise hang out.
Brokers and residents are being invited to enjoy the building's indoor/ outdoor pool and spa complex, work out in one of the two fitness centers, shoot hoops on the basketball courts or relax in two different lounges and screening rooms, before taking a tour of the waterfront esplanade.
Ashline, who plays football, basketball, and baseball, likes to shoot hoops in his family's driveway just about every day.
He was charismatic, popular and charming but also a "regular Joe" who liked to shoot hoops on the basketball court.
Exercise as a team: bike, walk, shoot hoops in the driveway or hit the slopes.
When I shoot hoops at home, I score about ninety-nine percent.
They needed something for themselves, the gardeners decided, a center of their own where they could practice judo, shoot hoops and learn Japanese.
The Utah Jazz NBA basketball team invited the eight to Salt Lake City to shoot hoops with the team and to watch a game.
So in addition to following the final season of Friends, take a dance class, shoot hoops, or attack the climbing wall.
Next up is a potential Ag Olympics where farmers at various farm shows in the winter would putt golf balls, shoot hoops and do other sports-related events at sponsors' booths.