shoot bolt

shoot (one's) bolt

To exhaust oneself doing some task and thus struggle to complete it. Try to pace yourself—if you shoot your bolt now, you'll never make it through all 18 holes.
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shoot (one's) bolt

To do all within one's power; exhaust all of one's resources or capabilities.
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shoot one's bolt, to

To have tried one’s utmost; to have spent all of one’s resources. This term comes from medieval archery and was a well-known proverb by the early thirteenth century: “A fool’s bolt is soon shot.” The bolt was a short, heavy, blunt-headed arrow fired with a crossbow, and the archer who used up all his bolts at once, leaving him with none, was regarded as a fool. The modern (twentieth-century) counterpart is to shoot one’s wad. This term comes from gambling, the “wad” in question being a roll of bank notes, but it has likewise been extended to mean spending all of one’s resources. Bernard Malamud used the expression (Tenants, 1971): “I want to be thought of as a going concern, not a freak who had published a good first novel and shot his wad.”
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The company uses Profile 22 PVC frames which have a number of benefits including high performance 70mm Upvc profile, fully A rated frames and double glazed units, four chambered profile fully sculptured, fully reinforced, six-point MACO shoot bolts and optional anti-jemmy blocks for extra peace of mind, internally beaded and doors fitted with eight-point locks with Yale six lever barrel.
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