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Then he turned to the Munchkin boy and shook his head.
The old man shifted in his chair but merely shook his head.
He cocked his eye at the hole again, and took a long look; raised up and shook his head; stepped around to the other side of the hole and took another look from that side; shook his head again.
Tarzan shook his head, and an expression of wistful and pathetic longing sobered his laughing eyes.
The girl pointed to the photograph and then to the miniature and then to him, as though to indicate that she thought the likenesses were of him, but he only shook his head, and then shrugging his great shoulders, he took the photograph from her and having carefully rewrapped it, placed it again in the bottom of his quiver.
Still he shook his head, and finally he drew her to him very gently and stooped to kiss her, but first he looked into her eyes and waited to learn if she were pleased, or if she would repulse him.
Smangle shook his head in a confidential and sympathising manner at this juncture, Mr.
But at last with a growl he shook his head and slouched off, for bears will not touch dead meat.
As to Comcomly, he no longer prided himself upon his white son- in-law, but, whenever he was asked about him, shook his head, and replied, that his daughter had made a mistake, and, instead of getting a great warrior for a husband, had married herself to a squaw.
He stopped and shook his head, and went on with a sigh.
The man shook his head and poured himself another glass of whiskey, perhaps in acknowledgement that there were certain things in life that he simply could not change.
He reported no hearing loss or aural fullness, but he experienced a binaural ringing when he shook his head.
To the left, coach Rich Endres shook his head in what appeared to be disbelief.
Crespi coach Jeremiah Ross shook his head in disbelief when asked about the impact of the injuries as he watched his team shake hands with Edison players after the game.