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Someone or something that is predicted to easily win a competition. Julia is a shoo-in for this year's spelling bee—she's the best speller in the whole town.

be a shoo-in

If someone is a shoo-in for something such as an election or contest, they are certain to win. Note: `Shoo-in' is sometimes spelled `shoe-in'. The president seemed a shoo-in for a second term, even though the election was some 20 months away. She seemed like a shoo-in. But in the past month she has seen her 20-point lead reduced to a mere five percentage points.

be a ˈshoo-in

(American English, informal) be a person or team that will win easily or will definitely be chosen for something: He’s a shoo-in for governor.She was a shoo-in to win the award.


n. an easy winner. My horse was a shoo-in. It won by a mile.