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Someone or something that is predicted to easily win a competition. Julia is a shoo-in for this year's spelling bee—she's the best speller in the whole town.

be a shoo-in

If someone is a shoo-in for something such as an election or contest, they are certain to win. Note: `Shoo-in' is sometimes spelled `shoe-in'. The president seemed a shoo-in for a second term, even though the election was some 20 months away. She seemed like a shoo-in. But in the past month she has seen her 20-point lead reduced to a mere five percentage points.

be a ˈshoo-in

(American English, informal) be a person or team that will win easily or will definitely be chosen for something: He’s a shoo-in for governor.She was a shoo-in to win the award.


n. an easy winner. My horse was a shoo-in. It won by a mile.
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Interestingly, Dr Shoo thinks that important components of forest refugia can be restored within only 10-20 years.
One witness who saw Dr Shoo walking towards the slip road before the accident, Leanne Powell, 23, of Ffrith, Wrexham, told how he had saved her life.
NOT CYNICAL: Shoo Fly Publishing's creative director Anne Curtis says its ethos is to foster respect and understanding.
Ah 'ad mi yed stuck in t' mornin' paper as shoo gate raither wun up.
Sooa wen shoo wer straightenin' 'is bedclooathes shoo slipped t' mouse between t' sheets an' Jooa caught seet of it.
Th' attendances are gooin' daan an' daan," shoo mooaned.
T' young lad ran fer 'is lahfe, but not afooar 'e'd replahd: "Wat good would that do, shoo knows mi name awlready
But th' owd lass musta decahded shoo in't up ter it onny mooar, cos shoo din't sing afta awl.
Ah thowt thi back musta gooan ageean," shoo sed, wahpin' 'er 'ands on 'er pinny.
Yar Ethel wer due ter see t' doctor fer a check-up this week, sooa shoo went aat early on ter ring fer an appointment.
Their final release will be a cover of the Andrew Sisters 40s classic Shoo Shoo Baby for the soundtrack of Valiant, which is out at the end of March.
SHOO also guided its 2005 earnings per share higher and now sees earnings of $1.
Ther's nowt much wrang wi' it, an' if ther is it's cos Ah've ter do too monny things at once," shoo replahd.
From the soft leather shoes for prewalkers made in South Africa by shoo shoos, to the style and comfort of shoes for children up to teenage years manufactured by a cross section of Europe's best footwear manufacturers, everything is available in our store.
common stock is traded on the NASDAQ Small Cap Market under the symbol: SHOO.